The LivingEdit

Hilde von Braun: A tubby, blonde-haired, blue-eyed German girl, hired to be the artist and photographer for the expedition, who later gives the artist duties to Celestine.

Celestine Cray: Felix's sister, the stunning, dark-haired, green-eyed beauty who lives for adventure and has many, many beaux-- none of them serious and none for long. She dresses in fashionable clothing that some more conservative people would consider risque, but is fairly normal for her age group.

Roland H. Cray: Felix's father, autocratic and wealthy. His peremptory telegram prompted Felix's trip to Egypt.

Ariadne Driscoll: At 17, Ariadne is the youngest of the Driscolls. She's a translator, with an expert grasp on hieroglyphics, though she's just learning hieratic. Polio withered one of her feet but left her determination, intellect and curiosity intact, and while she requires a brace, crutch or wheelchair to get around easily, she can walk short distances on her own. Like her brothers, she has dark hair and brown eyes, though her skin is significantly lighter because she is in the sun less often.

David Driscoll: The elder of the two Driscoll brothers leading the expedition, David is loud-mouthed, curses frequently, shouts at everybody and carries a gun. His dark hair is generally untidy and his clothes, worn out and carelessly put together.

Paul Driscoll: Quiet where David is loud, Paul is even shabbier-dressed than his brother, though he has the same dark eyes, deep tan and hair that would be as unruly as his brother's, if he allowed it to grow out more.

Violet Grant: A freelance reporter, with dark eyes, dark hair in a bob and a notebook, as well as a pair of glasses. She has written that the expedition is cursed, although it's hard to tell if she believes it.

Father James O'Malley: Priest and linguist for the expedition, he's tall and athletic, with silver hair and a youthful face, though he seems to be middle-aged. His accent is from the American South and he is a Protestant minister.

Countess Yelena Yusupov: A Russian princess who prefers to go by her deceased husband's less flashy title, the Countess is mysterious, beautiful, and ice-blonde, with eyes so deep blue they're nearly violet. She wears fashionable clothing, more elegant than trendy, and seems to have a chequered past.

The DeadEdit




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