Clan Everhart

The Everhart Clan is one of two major families attempting to dominate the twin cities of St. Benedict and Navarre.

Unlike their rivals, the D'Amicis, the Everharts are largely a human family, and as such, breed faster and more often. They do have a few half-elf branches as well.

The Everharts are wealthier than the d'Amicis, but because there are so many of them, the Everharts waste a great deal of time and energy trying to gain ground against each other.

The family is quite a bit less organized than the d'Amicis, and finding out exactly who is in charge at any given time can take considerable effort.

The Everharts are daring in strategy and action, and their sigil is that of a sun over a trident. Their colors are blue and green.

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