House d'Amici

House d'Amici is one of the two rival families attempting to dominate the twin cities of St. Benedict and Navarre, through commerce, government and wealth--as well as, occasionally, crime.

The family is an ancient elven one, dating, most say, from the time of the elven invasion about two thousand years ago.

As an aristocratic elven family, the d'Amicis are a relatively small group, ruled by a Council of 11 Patriarchs who together determine family strategy and the allocation of family resources. Most of the d'Amicis marry elves to preserve the longevity of the line, though there are some cadet half-elven branches, and there are also some rumors of various breeding experiments meant to make the line stronger, given the fragility of the elven race.

Physically, members of the d'Amici family tend to be pale, with dark hair and dark eyes.

As children, most d'Amicis attend the Academy, where they study assassination, as well as politics--if it can be said that there's a difference between the two.

The colors of House d'Amici are red and black, and its sigil is that of a black dagger on a red cup.


The D'Amici Family

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