People worship dozens and even hundreds of gods in Meneluinin and the surrounding nations. While a person may have a patron or matron god or goddess, it's most likely that he or she worships several for different purposes.

Here are a few of the many, many gods.

Rennakh and Apsalah: Two gods in conflict and compromise by turns, each of whose religions dominates the nation of Gwaithenihar in 10-year increments. More information can be found here.

Taelyss: Goddess of fertility, both agricultural and human. Followers of Taelyss believe the land is connected to the people, and fertility of one is the fertility of the other. Some of Taelyss's priests and priestesses engage in sacred prostitution and related rites, and children born of these unions are considered favored of Taelyss. Usually they're adopted by people in various exalted positions.

Jaer: God of Justice and Law. Followers of Jaer believe that people should all be subject to the same set of rules, and work to adhere to said rules. Followers of Jaer also tend to be celibate, due to the belief that large numbers of people in any one area generally leads to suffering and chaos, though this belief is typically eschewed by his worshippers in more populous areas for obvious reasons. The virtues of Jaer are Equality, Justice and Honesty.

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