Immediately to the east of Meneluinin, and uncomfortably near to St. Benedict-Navarre is the nation of Rafangia, populated mostly by barbarian gnomes, elves and orcs, who live in small tribal villages, some underground and some overland.

The League of Rafangia mostly designates the original 12 tribes of orcs, gnomes and elves, respectively, which have a loose but effective alliance that worked together to end the incursion war with Meneluinin, whose settlers came up through the south and east.

The tribes differ quite a bit from each other and have little in common, though they do have a tendency toward consensus-based decision-making and leadership based on capability. Some groups are warlike and others quite peaceful, meaning that the term "Rafangia," which means "enemies," is really a misnomer.

The native orc clans in Tarkishi either left or were exterminated. In Meneluinin, most of them have assimilated into the Meneluininese culture, some having left their own entirely behind and others living in two worlds. In Rafangia, however, most of the orcs live as they have lived for centuries, in semi-nomadic tribes, hunting and gathering.


Rafangia is known for its dairy products, and many of the nomads and semi-nomads keep herds of cattle, which they utilize for both milk and milk products and meat. Some of the best dairy products in the area come from Rafangia and cattle there are used as a means to count wealth. The more cattle you have, the wealthier you are.

Rafangians do not actually worship cattle, but it is a popular misconception that they do, because while they have adopted outsiders' pantheons, they often tack on extra cattle-related domains to their existing bailiwicks. Many ordinary gods and goddesses are thus pictured as having cattle-like traits, some with hooves, others with tails, and even a few with cow heads.

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