These are the voyages of the sentient, haunted extra-dimensional ship Nation.

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For those who want the skinny on what's going on in Nation, but do not have the time to backtrack through all the logs, this section's for you.

Main PlotlinesEdit

  • The Wrecked Bridge
    • Updated: Bridging the Gap
    • The small team of Janis, Nilani and Wynn managed to successfully find the lost bridge, but it appears badly damaged.  Will it be usable, and can it be fixed?
  • The Curse
    • Introduced: "Come Sail Away"
    • No crew member can leave the ship permanently, and no crew has lasted longer than 5 years.  Is this all just the features of a broken vessel, or could sinister magics really be behind it?
  • Raven's Return
    • Introduced: "Awkward Facts and Secrets Revealed"
    • Raven is back, but is now more mysterious than ever.  Is there more to him than he appears?
  • Ghosts Among Us
    • Introduced: "Through the Doors of Death"
    • Dead guys are floating all over the place...we'll probably have to do something about that.
      • Side Quest: The crew has made contact on multiple occassions with one of the ghosts.  A dwarven wizard.  Is he friend or foe.
  • The Wrong Box
    • Introduced: "Not Quite So Safe"
    • A proper non-spirit dead guy is found in Storage Room B.  How he got there, who is he and why is he dead?  ...I dunno.
  • White Circles
    • ​Introduced: "God-Goo Hullabaloo Part 1 (The Sea of Dead Gods)
    • Who were those icky, blue-armored guys attacking the mine...and why?
  • The God Goo Lurks
    • Introduced: Dog Dentist Afternoon
    • Nation reveals that his scans of the liquid brought back did not really hold any magical properties, meaning Wynn, Lira, Larry, Nilani and Flamey may still be infected.
  • Sohl:
    • After making a deal with Arcadia, the crew are now tasked with escorting a misplaced soul to his proper afterlife.
  • Young Tarak
    • Thanks to a wish to a dark goddess, a second, younger, more optimistic Tarak has appeared.
  • Tiamat:
    • Said dark goddess may have also been watching the crew of Nation of some time now.  Her reasons are unknown.
  • The Mask:
    • Janis, believing it could help her find Valerian, put on the Mask and allowed it to merge with her mind.  As it turns out, this was a bad plan, and she is now becoming a carniverous monster.
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