[4:58:24 PM] Kali: It's a nice afternoon on Nation! Wynn, Isk and Nilani are still in the kitchen, and Isk has made punch!

[4:58:42 PM] Kali: Ven has, fortunately, wandered off to throw knives at a practice dummy.

[5:00:35 PM] Wynn: Wynn is reading one of Tarak's books.

[5:01:38 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar has made delicious punch, having boiiled off most of the alcoholic content of the champaign.

[5:02:55 PM] Nilani: Nilani has almost gotten halfway through her book.

[5:03:21 PM] Kali: A horrible monster wanders in!

[5:03:27 PM] Kali: Fred says hi and waves.

[5:03:53 PM] Nilani: Nilani waves back, smiling warmly. She shuts her book.

[5:04:30 PM] Wynn: Fred. How's the hunger?

[5:04:55 PM] Kali: Fred shakes his head several times. "It's like I ate but I didn't."

[5:05:48 PM] Wynn: Wynn nods. "That's good."

[5:06:15 PM] Wynn: So now you don't have to eat anymore to live.

[5:06:23 PM] Kali: Fred: I smell things.

[5:07:23 PM] Wynn: the lunch we had or other things?

[5:07:32 PM] Kali: Fred: ... lunch?

[5:07:52 PM] Wynn: Food lunch not people lunch.

[5:08:43 PM] Kali: Fred: Food lunch. Yes, that.

[5:09:09 PM] Wynn: Would you like something?

[5:09:28 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar pours fred a glass of punch.  "Try this."

[5:11:55 PM] Kali: Fred looks at it, and sniffs it.

[5:12:05 PM] Kali: Then he hesitantly bites the top of the glass.

[5:12:14 PM] Wynn: drink it.

[5:12:27 PM] Wynn: Wynn lifts her glass of water in demonstration!

[5:14:07 PM] Kali: Fred: Oh! All right.

[5:14:26 PM] Kali: He follows Wynn's advice, very carefully.

[5:14:31 PM] Iskandar: How do you not know how to drink from a glass?  Haven't you seen us using glasses?

[5:14:57 PM] Kali: Fred: Things aren't where they were.

[5:15:18 PM] Wynn: Wynn shrugs. "If you don't think you'll ever need to know how to do something, you may not pay much attention. I don't know how to cast spells like Kalor, but I've seen him do it.

[5:15:38 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs.

[5:18:08 PM] Kali: Fred: In my head, things aren't where they were.

[5:18:29 PM] Kali: Fred: I think I forgot human things.

[5:19:03 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns. "As a result of your captivity or something else?"

[5:21:00 PM] Kali: Fred: I don't know, I think I forgot?

[5:21:28 PM] Wynn: I've been meaning to ask you... what are your plans now?

[5:22:02 PM] Wynn: You're free to leave this place whenever you like. You aren't tethered like us. Did you have a home you want to get back to?

[5:23:03 PM] Kali: Fred: ... home. I don't... think so?

[5:24:32 PM] Kali: Roll Notice!

[5:24:39 PM] Wynn: You're welcome to stay, of course.... but your life expectancy might be longer if you didn't.

[5:25:00 PM] Wynn: (Woo! 20.)

[5:25:19 PM] Iskandar: ((12.))

[5:25:21 PM] Nilani: (( 18 ))

[5:25:27 PM] Wynn: (I NOTICE.)

[5:25:32 PM] Kali: Fred echoes, uncertainly, "Life expectancy?"

[5:26:11 PM] Wynn: Well... Nation mentioned that people on the ship tend to die horrible deaths fairly frequently. We've been pretty successful so far.

[5:26:31 PM] Kali: Fred: Oh. I don't think I want to die a horrible death.

[5:26:49 PM] Nilani: You and me both, friend.

[5:27:46 PM] Wynn: Obviously I'll do my best to keep everyone alive for as long as possible, but you'll probably want to think about when you'll go. Because if you don't, you'll die here. Eventually.

[5:27:59 PM] Wynn: Even if it's of old age long after we've all died.

[5:29:37 PM] Kali: Fred: ... I don't think you should die either.

[5:30:40 PM] Kali: You all hear a sound in the hallway outside the galley!

[5:30:53 PM] Kali: Just footsteps, though, nothing strange.

[5:31:44 PM] Wynn: Everyone dies eventually. Some of us sooner than others.

[5:31:47 PM] *** Kali added Brok ***

[5:32:11 PM] Kali: Brok steps in! Describe yourselves everyone!

[5:33:31 PM] Kali: Fred is a slender, human-looking man wearing plain clothes in shades of green. He has auburn hair and red-brown eyes, and he's holding a cup of something that's steaming and leaning against a countertop.

[5:33:56 PM] Kali: Fred is somewhere between handsome and pretty.

[5:33:59 PM] Wynn: Wynn is a human in her late teens wearing her brown hair in a ponytail. She's holding a book sitting at the table.

[5:34:22 PM | Edited 5:34:30 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar is a tallish, rakishly handome elf with blue eyes, dark curly hair and a roguish, patchy beard, currently toiling over a pot of red liquid, possibly blood, which he is putting in cups and distributing around the room.

[5:34:23 PM | Edited 5:39:40 PM] Nilani: Nilani is an elfy-looking girl with light brown hair and amber eyes. She is wearing a set of darkish leather armor and a greyish cloak. She was eating a rice-crispy treat and stopped mid-chew as the newcomer walked in.

[5:34:30 PM] Wynn: Wynn stands suddenly, looking at the new arrival. "Wake up in the pods?"

[5:35:11 PM] Brok: Brok is a large man.  He stands almost six foot tall at 220 lbs.  He is strong and worn.  He is not quite middleaged but he is not young.  Brok is bald with a large brown beard. He wears fullplate and carries a spear.  He keeps two spare spears and a shield on his back, as well as two battleaxes on his waist.

[5:35:22 PM] Brok: Where am I? What is this place?

[5:35:36 PM] Brok: Brok ignores your question.

[5:35:40 PM] Wynn: ((He's currently holding his weapon?))

[5:36:09 PM] Brok: Brok is holding his weapon not at the ready.

[5:36:22 PM] Kali: Fred: Hi! I'm Fred!

[5:36:28 PM] Kali: Fred waves.

[5:36:40 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns. "You're on a ship called Nation. We were all abducted."

[5:37:04 PM] Brok: Abucted by who?

[5:37:10 PM] Kali: Fred: We were?

[5:37:10 PM] Wynn: We don't know.

[5:37:18 PM] Wynn: Not you, Fred.

[5:37:36 PM] Brok: How do you know we were abducted if you dont know by who?

[5:37:53 PM] Iskandar: There were the pods.

[5:38:04 PM] Wynn: Wynn 's frown deepens. "How else would you explain it?"

[5:38:08 PM | Edited 5:38:14 PM] Iskandar: And the fact that I went to sleep in a bed and woke up in a pod.

[5:38:28 PM] Brok: How long have you all been here?

[5:38:28 PM] Kali: Fred: Oh, all right.

[5:38:35 PM] Wynn: Thirty-five days.

[5:38:54 PM | Edited 5:39:02 PM] Iskandar: I don't pay attention to the linear march of days stretching out into infinity.

[5:39:26 PM] Brok: When you say ship? What kind of ship is this?

[5:39:28 PM] Wynn: The first group of us woke up then. There's been a steady trickle of newcomers since.

[5:39:30 PM] Kali: Fred: .... Infinity has too many bunnies in it.

[5:40:14 PM] Wynn: Wynn glances over him again. "Why don't you put your weapons in the rack and have a seat and we can explain further."

[5:40:26 PM] Wynn: Wynn motions toward the rack where a shield and mace are resting.

[5:40:59 PM] Brok: Brok puts his spear on his back with the other two.

[5:41:20 PM] Brok: I am ok with standing.

[5:41:21 PM] Kali: Fred: I won't eat you.

[5:41:33 PM] Wynn: Hmph.

[5:42:13 PM] Wynn: Fred's an incubus, but he has an amulet that keeps him from being hungry.

[5:42:19 PM] Brok: Brok looks at Fred a little concerened.

[5:42:32 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar hands the new comer a glass of red liquid.  "Drink this."

[5:42:59 PM] Kali: Fred waves cheerfully.

[5:43:04 PM] Brok: What is in this?

[5:43:14 PM] Kali: Fred: Human food! You drink it.

[5:43:27 PM] Wynn: Wynn hides a smirk.

[5:43:52 PM] Brok: Brok sets down the glass.

[5:43:57 PM] Iskandar: I think it needs more lemon, but I need a second opinion from someone who has, you know, tasted things before.

[5:44:21 PM] Brok: You dont seem concered about this. Have you tried getting off of this ship?

[5:44:40 PM] Wynn: One has. He wound up back in the pods.

[5:45:15 PM] Wynn: Wynn moves towards the racks semi-nonchalantly as she speaks. "We're attempting to learn more about the curse and the abduction so we can get everyone back home."

[5:45:42 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar blinks.  "WHY DIDN'T WE THINK OF THAT.  Who dropped the ball there?  Nilani?"

[5:45:55 PM] Wynn: Wynn rolls her eyes at Iskandar.

[5:46:10 PM] Kali: Fred: Where did it fall? I didn't see any balls.

[5:46:21 PM] Kali: Fred starts examining the ground.

[5:46:29 PM] Iskandar: The ball is a competence metaphor, Fred.

[5:46:37 PM] Wynn: If we can't figure it out and break the curse, we're all likely to die within the next five years.

[5:46:48 PM] Brok: Have you made progress on it? Do you have any idea what this is?

[5:47:03 PM] Kali: Fred: Oh.

[5:47:08 PM] Kali: Fred stops looking and sips his drink.

[5:47:33 PM] Wynn: It's a curse centered on the pod room which is not part of--- you know what... I'm just going to give you my book. You can catch up that way.

[5:47:45 PM] Brok: What book?

[5:47:59 PM] Wynn: ..I'll need it back though. It's a log of our time on the ship.

[5:48:09 PM] Kali: Fred wanders over to Brok and sniffs at him.

[5:48:10 PM] Wynn: Where we've gone, what we've done, who has shown up in the pods.

[5:48:23 PM] Wynn: What we've learned about Nation and the pods and the curse.

[5:48:47 PM] Brok: Brok takes the book and puts it in his pouch. Thanks, I will give it back shortly.

[5:49:17 PM] Brok: Brok steps back.

[5:49:21 PM] Brok: What are you doing?

[5:49:25 PM] Wynn: What you *need* to know is that the ship is dangerous, monsters can come from the pods at anytime, there are---- that's not the book. Unless you really want to read about the early days of Saint Cuthbert's ministry.

[5:49:45 PM] Kali: Fred: Sniffing!

[5:49:55 PM] Brok: Dont do that.

[5:50:00 PM] Brok: I dont like being sniffed

[5:50:06 PM] Kali: Fred: All right!

[5:50:18 PM] Brok: What do you mean? Is there another book?

[5:50:26 PM] Wynn: Of course there is. It's in my room.

[5:50:43 PM] Brok: I would like to borrow that as well if you dont mind.

[5:50:44 PM] Kali: Fred leans back against the counter.

[5:50:59 PM] Wynn: *want* to read a book about Saint Cuthbert?

[5:51:35 PM] Brok: Is it relevant to where these monsters came from or is it a different book irrelevnt to this situation?

[5:51:44 PM | Edited 5:51:50 PM] Wynn: No, it is part of my training.

[5:51:57 PM] Brok: Then no, nevermind.

[5:52:58 PM] Kali: Fred: Monsters?

[5:52:58 PM] Wynn: Anyway, as I was saying, monsters sometimes come from the pods. Fred's an incubus, so I'd advise against... kissing him. There are many people onboard. I can show you to a room if you like so you can get set up.

[5:53:24 PM] Kali: Talas steps in.

[5:53:28 PM] Wynn: We have a library and a training room.

[5:53:34 PM] Kali: For Brock's benefit, I shall describe her!

[5:54:07 PM] Wynn: This is Talas. She keeps the ship livable. She provides a lot of our food as well as not cooking us.

[5:54:09 PM] Brok: Alright. I could use a minute to figure out all of this.

[5:54:30 PM] Kali: She's a small, delicate woman shaped like an elf, but with white skin with rough black stripe-looking things. She has long green hair that almost touches the floor and is covered in vines and flowers, and she's wearing a cute little orange sweaterdress.

[5:55:10 PM] Kali: Talas: Hello! Oh, look, a new person! ... he's not going to set me on fire, is he?

[5:55:15 PM] Kali: Talas: Or try to kill Nate?

[5:55:37 PM] Wynn: Are you suicidal?

[5:55:38 PM] Nilani: If he has plans to do so, he hasn't acted upon them yet.

[5:55:39 PM] Brok: Brok nods at Talas.

[5:56:12 PM] Brok: , gesturing acknowledgement

[5:57:16 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh good. ... I've never cooked a *humanoid.* Well, only once, and that was his own fault for trying to burn down the forest.

[5:57:54 PM] Wynn: ....that was just a reference to the time Nation had to control the temperature, Talas. You're much better at it than he is.

[5:58:21 PM] Brok: Brok stares at Talas blanky.

[5:58:44 PM] Brok: Were you going to show me a room?

[5:58:49 PM] Wynn: Sure.

[5:59:03 PM] Kali: Talas: Actually, I was hoping you could do me a favor.

[5:59:11 PM] Wynn: What is it, Talas?

[5:59:56 PM] Kali: Talas: We-ell... I'm trying to increase the... what does Nate call it? Bio something, of the forest, and there's a plant I want on this plane. I was hoping you could go and get it for me.

[6:00:46 PM] Wynn: What is it?

[6:00:51 PM] Nilani: Is it one from this book?

[6:01:20 PM] Kali: Talas looks at the book. What's the book called?

[6:01:54 PM] Kali: Talas: Well, it's a kind of rose, actually. It's an orange one. I'd just need a cutting, it wouldn't have to be a whole bush.

[6:02:10 PM] Wynn: Do you have any idea where it would be?

[6:02:35 PM] Kali: Talas nods. "Nate said it's in a greenhouse down there."

[6:02:40 PM] Nilani: "Marta's Compendium of Plants You Should Avoid If You Value Your Life". I think you saw it earlier. I got almost halfway through, and it just gets weirder the deeper I go.

[6:03:05 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh! Well I'm sure you shouldn't *avoid* it. It's very pretty!

[6:03:13 PM] Wynn: ...I'm not sure I recall a greenhouse. Mansion, stables, village.

[6:04:03 PM] Kali: Talas: Nate's practically *never* wrong, except when he disagrees with me, obviously.

[6:04:38 PM] Wynn: Obviously. Do you know where the greenhouse is?

[6:04:59 PM] Kali: Talas: Well, no. Not exactly.

[6:05:52 PM] Kali: Talas: There's a kind of pepper that grows there too that I'd like, though. If you can get them both... it might be nice for cooking.

[6:06:30 PM] Wynn: Ok. I'll go get dressed and point out a room for Brok on the way. I'll meet you guys at the portal if you're going.

[6:06:32 PM] Brok: How long have you been on this ship Talas?

[6:07:08 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh, *always.* Although I didn't wake up for a long, long time.

[6:07:38 PM] Kali: Talas: Almost five hundred years, Nate says.

[6:07:46 PM] Brok: Who is nate?

[6:07:57 PM] Wynn: She's a.... uh... what's that word? She and the ship, Nation, work together.

[6:08:10 PM] Wynn: Symbiotic.

[6:08:12 PM] Wynn: That's it.

[6:08:31 PM] Kali: Talas: Nate's *wonderful.* He's very sweet really, he just likes to pretend to be grumpy.

[6:09:02 PM] Kali: Talas: Don't you pay a bit of attention to it and you'll be just fine!

[6:09:02 PM] Brok: And how long has he been with this ship?

[6:09:09 PM] Kali: Talas smiles.

[6:09:26 PM] Brok: Do you know how we got here?

[6:09:32 PM] Brok: Did nate bring us up here?

[6:09:45 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh no, he'd never do that.

[6:09:59 PM] Wynn: Nate is Nation. He *is* the ship.

[6:10:25 PM] Kali: Talas: I don't know, something about cups and balls and things. Janis explained it yesterday but I'm not sure quite what she meant and then a deer flew by so we got distracted.

[6:10:46 PM] Brok: Can I talk to nate?

[6:11:17 PM] Iskandar: Nation is a sentient voidship that travels between the various planes.  Very advanced, but he apparently launched before he was complete -- he can't steer.  Apparently he's the epicenter of the curse that draws us here, though not the cause.

[6:11:26 PM] Wynn: Wynn smiles. "How is Janis? I haven't seen her much lately."

[6:11:40 PM] Kali: Talas: I wouldn't if I were you. He's doing a ... a.... power thingy, it's best not to bother him.

[6:12:14 PM] Brok: How do you know he isnt the cause of this curse? If there even is one?

[6:12:17 PM] Kali: Talas: It makes him very cranky. One time Terence almost got out and he was very cross with me for mentioning it.

[6:12:27 PM] Kali: Talas: ... well he's *not*, that's all.

[6:12:28 PM] Wynn: ....who is Terence?

[6:13:01 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh, you haven't met Terence? She's very sweet, really.

[6:13:30 PM] Iskandar: There's definitely a curse.  That's been verified by an outside mage or two.

[6:13:45 PM] Kali: Talas: All those cute little teeth! I'll have to introduce you sometime.

[6:14:14 PM] Kali: Talas: Anyway, Nate set up a portal for you before the cycle, I just have to tap the wall to open it. Are you ready?

[6:14:48 PM] Wynn: No. I need to go get dressed.

[6:15:30 PM] Kali: Talas: ... it's going to be dark there soon, so don't take too long!

[6:15:32 PM] Brok: Brok nods and motions at Wynn he is ready to leave the room.

[6:15:35 PM] Wynn: Wynn looks at the new guy. "I'm Wynn. I'll take you by the rooms and you can join us if you like."

[6:16:03 PM] Brok: Brok Brok follows

[6:16:04 PM] Wynn: Wynn takes her mace and shield and walks out to get armored.

[6:16:21 PM] Kali: And because we're short of time I'm going to gloss this over a bit.

[6:16:34 PM] Brok: Brok in the hallway with Wynn says

[6:16:44 PM] Brok: I do not trust Talas. There is something off there

[6:16:54 PM] Kali: (You can keep conversing though.)

[6:17:23 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar finishes his punch and follows.

[6:17:27 PM] Wynn: She's part of the ship. She's also incredibly powerful, so unless you like being liquified, I'd advise against making her angry.

[6:18:09 PM] Kali: Wynn and Isk (and presumably Nilani) show Brok to his room, which is a fairly plain little room with a bed and a bedside stand and a desk. Think rather simple hotel room and you'd about have it right.

[6:18:10 PM] Brok: I wont say anything, but I think if she isnt the cause of this she knows why we are here.

[6:18:34 PM] Brok: Brok sets the book Wynn gave him on the nightstand

[6:18:59 PM] Iskandar: The ship's air, water, and food come from a demiplane connected with Nation.  Talas pretty much runs the ecosystem in there, the Forest.

[6:19:26 PM] Wynn: Iskandar, if you wouldn't mind showing him to the portal, I'm going to get dressed. I'll meet you at the door.

[6:19:30 PM] Iskandar: We'll show you when we get back from this... greenhouse?  That's where we're going?

[6:19:42 PM] Wynn: Wynn goes to her room and gets dressed!

[6:19:45 PM] Brok: It sounds like I am a guinea pig in her ecosystem expieriment

[6:19:59 PM] Brok: Brok follows isk

[6:20:02 PM] Iskandar: Based on what?

[6:20:14 PM] Brok: She has this whole thing set up for us.

[6:21:21 PM] Iskandar: The ship was made for a crew.  Nation was made to be extremely hospitiable.  He launched early, before his sentience was even activated.

[6:22:41 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shows Brok the door he came through first, the pod room.  "Nation has several of these portals.  They can connect to points on the plane we're parked on.  Except for this room, the pod room.  It's always here.  It's the epicenter of the curse.  It's not part of Nation, but it's latched on to him.  Whoever's behind the pod room is behind the curse."

[6:23:07 PM] Wynn: Wynn shows up again! She's now dressed in some very shiny half plate armor with her visor up, a mace on her hip, and her shield on her arm. It has a large symbol of St. Cuthbert emblazoned across the front.

[6:23:49 PM] Brok: Interesting. I do not know enough about this place, but I can say I do not trust her and I suggest you watch yourself around her as well.

[6:24:05 PM] Brok: Where is this plant we are going for?

[6:24:26 PM] Iskandar: Thanks, guy I just met five minutes ago, for the pointers on who I should trust.

[6:24:55 PM] Brok: Brok smirks at isk

[6:25:35 PM] Kali: You return to the kitchen!

[6:25:36 PM] Wynn: Are you joining us? And is everyone ready?

[6:25:57 PM] Brok: I will come

[6:26:02 PM] Kali: Fred is sitting upside-down in a chair, face turning a bit pink. Talas appears to be growing a pineapple on the table.

[6:26:45 PM] Wynn: Orange rose and a pepper in a greenhouse we haven't seen yet. Anything else?

[6:29:12 PM] Kali: Talas: Hmm? Oh, no, that's it! Of course if you *want* to bring back anything else I wouldn't stop you.

[6:29:25 PM] Kali: Talas: Plants and animals are always nice! Terence could use a friend.

[6:29:33 PM] Wynn: What is Terence?

[6:30:03 PM] Kali: Talas: Oh, she's a sweet little great white shark.

[6:30:13 PM] Wynn: Of course she is.

[6:30:47 PM] Kali: Talas: The peppers you're looking for are orange and reddish-orange. You probably shouldn't touch them directly. ... or at least wash your hands afterward so you don't get any in your eye or something.

[6:31:20 PM] Brok: and if they get in our eye?

[6:31:52 PM] Wynn: Are you planning on squirting yourself in the eye with one?

[6:32:16 PM] Nilani: How spicy are they, compared to the ones I grabbed awhile back to make these?

[6:32:33 PM | Edited 6:32:57 PM] Nilani: Nilani holds up a balloony thing filled with reddish gloppy gel.

[6:32:47 PM] Brok: I am planning on not touching an elemental pepper that are more than just spicy peppers

[6:32:53 PM] Kali: Talas: ... if they get in your eye you'd better find a healer. I think they're pretty spicy!

[6:33:11 PM] Wynn: I'm going to assume that you simply forgot to introduce yourself in your surprise at the situation you find yourself in and that it isn't a sign of rudeness or future animosity.

[6:33:50 PM] Wynn: But it would be nice if I could call you something other than "New Guy" while we're out there.

[6:34:03 PM] Iskandar: N.G.

[6:34:07 PM] Brok: Brok, call me Brok

[6:34:19 PM] Wynn: Wynn, Iskandar, Nilani.

[6:34:24 PM] Wynn: Wynn points at each in turn.

[6:34:32 PM] Wynn: Stick close and don't wander off.

[6:35:22 PM] Wynn: Also, for later, don't act against the crew and you'll be welcome to be a part of us.

[6:35:50 PM] Brok: I dont think we have any other options than working together

[6:36:04 PM] Wynn: Not everyone is reasonable.

[6:36:29 PM] Iskandar: Some of them want to steal your skin when they come out of the pods.

[6:36:48 PM] Wynn: Wynn grimaces slightly, almost unconsciously.

[6:37:10 PM] Kali: Talas: That's silly, human skin isn't good for anything.

[6:37:25 PM] Kali: Talas: Well. Good luck!

[6:37:31 PM] Kali: She beams and taps on the wall, where a portal appears.

[6:37:40 PM] Wynn: Wynn steps through first.

[6:37:44 PM] Brok: Well if we come back from this gardening mission, I can help clean up anything that comes out of those pods until we find a way out of here

[6:37:55 PM] Brok: Brok follows

[6:38:29 PM] Nilani: Nilani brings up the rear.

[6:38:52 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar shrugs and goes along.

[6:41:12 PM] Kali: You all head out into the strange desert planet which looks somehow a lot like southern California!

[6:41:34 PM] Wynn: Brok, if you don't mind, can you take the rear in case someone comes up behind us? I assume that armor isn't just for show.

[6:41:48 PM] Kali: Kidding, it's actually just the themepark you were in before, with an immaculately trimmed lawn. For some reason, the image of Andar *doesn't* pop up to irritate the crap out of Wynn.

[6:41:53 PM] Brok: Brok agrees

[6:42:27 PM] Kali: And there's a lovely little map kiosk with an illusionary map of the entire park about twenty feet away, right next to a dilapidated rat-on-a-stick stand. Mmm, ethnic food.

[6:42:45 PM] Wynn: Wynn heads to it to look for the greenhouse.

[6:43:39 PM] Iskandar: This place doesn't seem too bad.

[6:44:11 PM] Brok: Brok follows walking at an angle to see behind them

[6:44:19 PM] Wynn: Oh you haven't been here yet, have you?

[6:44:46 PM] Wynn: I doubt we'll have issues. There was only one person we found and he's onboard now. And all the evil animated objects are probably dead now.

[6:44:55 PM] Kali: Rat on a stick is fairly cheap, but rat on a stick with ketchup is a little pricey-seeming to you.

[6:45:05 PM] Kali: Then again, who wants rat on a stick without ketchup.

[6:45:34 PM] Kali: Kiosk: Probably! Welcome to Andaria! Are you looking for something in particular?

[6:45:48 PM] Kali: It's the implacably cheerful voice of Andar. Of course.

[6:45:55 PM] Wynn: .... where is the greenhouse?

[6:46:17 PM] Nilani: Nilani scrutinizes the stand. 

"Eh. With rat-on-a-stick, you're mostly just paying for the fancy stick, anyways."

[6:46:32 PM] Iskandar: This must be the best possible ketchup, though.

[6:47:37 PM] Kali: The illusion lights up, and little glowing dots form a path from the "You are Here" dot to another location, marked "The Jungle House."

[6:48:28 PM] Kali: Kiosk: Simply follow the lights! And watch out for all the deadly animals I've collected in my travels! Don't worry, kids--they're only illusions.

[6:48:37 PM] Wynn: ....sure they are.

[6:49:46 PM] Nilani: So are a whole host of nasty things that can kill you even though they technically don't exist.

[6:49:48 PM] Brok: Brok looks around to see if there is anything out of place, threatening or hidden around

[6:50:28 PM] Kali: You know the way! It's a couple blocks away and ahead and to your left.

[6:50:38 PM] Wynn: Wynn heads that direction!

[6:50:52 PM] Kali: There's nothing threatening, although I definitely wouldn't eat any of the dessicated rats-on-sticks still turning in the ratstand.

[6:51:01 PM] Nilani: Nilani follows!

[6:51:21 PM] Brok: Brok nudges isk and takes the rear

[6:51:58 PM] Kali: Marching order is Wynn, Nilani, Isk and Brok.

[6:52:54 PM] Kali: You head for the greenhouse, passing a few other food stands along the way--it looks like this was the food court at one time--and finally reach a large building with hokey "primitive" design with a big sign in front: The Jungle House.

[6:53:09 PM] Wynn: So you know, there were undead mascots and animated queue ropes that attacked us last time we were here.

[6:53:18 PM] Iskandar: We should definitely take Quint here.

[6:53:46 PM] Kali: Another illusion pops up; it's Andar again, all perfect blonde hair and gleaming white teeth, who gives you a spiel about how you should "Watch out for lions, tigers and bears" and reminds you it's only an illusion, OR IS IT.

[6:53:52 PM] Wynn: Somehow I doubt he'd be amused.

[6:54:46 PM] Kali: Quite a lot of the outside area seems to be fenced, with fences about 50 feet tall.

[6:54:58 PM] Kali: You can't see any animals in there, though.

[6:55:22 PM] Brok: Lets get this stupid flower and get out of here.

[6:55:37 PM] Wynn: Wynn glances around the area.

[6:55:53 PM] Wynn: Wynn enters.

[6:56:41 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar looks around, looking pretty bored and unimpressed.

[6:57:09 PM] Brok: Brok starts searching for the rose

[6:57:26 PM] Kali: You enter what looks like a fairly ordinary greenhouse--or at least, it was at one time.

[6:57:30 PM] Iskandar: I think I wanna check out that Haunted House you guys mentioned before we shove off from this plane.  Now that it's all de-evilled, it might be fun.

[6:57:30 PM | Edited 6:57:35 PM] Nilani: Nilani gazes around inquisitively.

[6:57:57 PM] Wynn: You have an interesting sense of 'fun'.

[6:58:17 PM] Iskandar: Yeah, but you knew that.

[6:58:18 PM] Kali: There's a stone path, with immaculately-raked gravel, with rose bushes on either side of it.

[6:58:29 PM | Edited 6:59:00 PM] Wynn: Wynn walks the path, looking for the rose and pepper.

[6:59:04 PM] Kali: Up ahead, though, you can see massive trees forming a real jungle around the path, and the light is shut out by their branches, far overhead. This building is bigger on the inside, it seems.

[7:00:20 PM] Kali: Here, the path isn't quite as well-kept.

[7:00:35 PM] Kali: There are vines across it, and a sudden blast of heat reminds you that this is, after all, supposed to be a jungle.

[7:01:01 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar conjures a light, if necessary.

[7:01:08 PM] Kali: Heat, and humidity.

[7:01:27 PM] Wynn: ... I really should get a sword to carry too. Or at least a knife.

[7:01:29 PM] Kali: The light flickers on, and helps illuminate the path, well enough to at least not trip over a vine.

[7:01:51 PM] Kali: Oddly, the vines are mostly on the ground and can easily be stepped over.

[7:02:10 PM] Kali: Roll Notice/Spot/Listen!

[7:02:12 PM] Wynn: Be careful here. Don't trust *anything* in this park to stay still.

[7:02:41 PM] Nilani: (( 21 ))

[7:02:42 PM] Wynn: (Woo! 20!)

[7:02:50 PM] Iskandar: ((3))

[7:03:12 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar thinks there's a rock in his boot and finds it super distracting.

[7:03:30 PM] Kali: There probably is.

[7:03:35 PM] Kali: The gravel's not as well maintained at this point!

[7:04:22 PM] Wynn: Wynn heads to the side of the path to look closer at a bush.

[7:04:29 PM] Kali: A lion jumps onto the path ahead, growling menacingly, as she does!

[7:04:50 PM] Wynn: Wynn readies her shield!

[7:05:07 PM | Edited 7:05:14 PM] Nilani: Nilani is quite surprised and nearly falls over backwards!

[7:05:11 PM] Brok: Brok readies his spear

[7:05:27 PM] Kali: It snarls!

[7:05:38 PM] Kali: Roll Fort, everyone! And then Will.

[7:05:42 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar mumbles.  "Stupid rock, I'll show you who's boss."

[7:05:43 PM] Wynn: Wynn steps forward towards it to see if it's real.

[7:06:00 PM] Iskandar: (( 13 Fort, 22 Will. ))

[7:06:12 PM] Brok: 23 fort, 17 will

[7:06:26 PM] Wynn: (17 fort, 9 will)

[7:06:59 PM] Nilani: ((F: 7 W: 17 ))

[7:07:31 PM] Kali: The lion growls!

[7:07:41 PM] Kali: And then pounces at Wynn!

[7:07:59 PM] Kali: ... for a second it seems pretty real, but then the lion vanishes.

[7:08:15 PM] Wynn: Wynn stood her ground anyway.

[7:08:24 PM] Kali: And another Andar-illusion pops up, obnoxiously reminding everyone that this is only a park! Nothing dangerous can live here!

[7:08:58 PM] Kali:

[7:09:28 PM] Kali: You know, obviously.

[7:09:54 PM] Wynn: Wynn looks back into the bush.

[7:09:55 PM] Kali: The pretend-lion vanishes.

[7:09:59 PM] Kali: Roll search, Wynn!

[7:10:19 PM] Wynn: (4. :P)

[7:11:07 PM] Kali: Nothing!

[7:11:14 PM] Kali: Except thorns!

[7:11:21 PM] Brok: Brok looks

[7:11:53 PM] Nilani: Nilani goes over to investigate.

[7:11:53 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar goes back to being distracted by his archfoe, Bootrock.  (( 2.))

[7:12:10 PM] Kali: Brok and Nilani, roll search!

[7:12:16 PM] Brok: 5

[7:12:50 PM] Nilani: (( 24 ))

[7:13:52 PM] Kali: Nilani finds the orange rose!

[7:14:08 PM] Kali: She and Wynn both take a bit of scratching from its thorns.

[7:14:38 PM] Wynn: ...that was easier than expected.

[7:14:52 PM] Nilani: Nilani gently snips off a good bit with one of her daggers.

[7:15:22 PM] Iskandar: Why weren't you expecting it to be easy?

[7:15:33 PM] Wynn: Nothing ever is.

[7:16:19 PM] Kali: There's another growl from off the path.

[7:16:32 PM] Kali: This time it turns out to be some sort of sloth hanging from a vine. It blinks menacingly!

[7:16:45 PM] Wynn: Clearly I'm not the best person to find these plants, so why don't you guys look while I watch the path.

[7:17:18 PM] Nilani: Nilani looks up at it.

[7:17:30 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar raises an eyebrow at the sloth.

[7:17:35 PM] Iskandar: What are you looking at?

[7:17:59 PM] Kali: The sloth growls, and then (very very deliberately) swings away.

[7:18:12 PM] Iskandar: Rude.

[7:18:13 PM] Kali: Nilani gets the cutting!

[7:18:26 PM] Kali: Now you just need the pepper.

[7:19:02 PM] Wynn: Wynn leads the way down the path!

[7:19:40 PM] Nilani: Nilani follows, slouching a bit.

[7:19:58 PM] Wynn: ...something wrong, Nilani?

[7:20:16 PM] Nilani: I just feel a bit weird.

[7:20:22 PM] Kali: There's more growling from the side of the path.

[7:20:27 PM] Nilani: Nothiing to worry about, though.

[7:20:31 PM] Nilani: I think.

[7:20:33 PM] Wynn: Wynn faces the growling.

[7:20:40 PM] Wynn: If you start to feel ill, tell me.

[7:20:49 PM] Kali: Roll spot!

[7:20:57 PM] Kali: Well, Notice, whatever.

[7:21:10 PM] Iskandar: Those thorns weren't poisoned, were they?

[7:21:11 PM] Wynn: (4. I get 2 19s then all other rolls suck.)

[7:21:32 PM] Wynn: (heh if they were, Wynn didn't get it. She has gauntlets on!)

[7:21:39 PM] Nilani: (( 24 ))

[7:21:43 PM] Kali: Wynn takes a vine to the knee and has to stop adventuring. (Not.) actually it just distracts her.

[7:22:09 PM] Wynn: ((She's taken a Markus to the knee. Vine ain't got nothin.))

[7:22:20 PM] Kali: It's mostly just annoying!

[7:22:24 PM] Iskandar: ((15.)

[7:23:41 PM] Nilani: There's something out there.

[7:23:56 PM] Kali: The growling stops, and the underbrush goes still.

[7:24:03 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar looks around, warily.  "Yeah.  Well, really, there's something everywhere.  So it should come as a surprise."

[7:24:20 PM] Wynn: Go on ahead. I'll keep between the growling and the rest of you.

[7:24:47 PM] Wynn: It's... probably an illusion, but I don't trust this place. Or Andar.

[7:25:06 PM] Iskandar: Why?

[7:25:30 PM] Wynn: Which one?

[7:26:31 PM] Iskandar: Andar.  He might be a bit full of himself, but he did save the... somethings from the somethings.

[7:26:40 PM] Iskandar: I dunno, I only skimmed the brochure.

[7:26:48 PM] Wynn: He also allowed this place to become corrupted.

[7:26:59 PM] Kali: Roll Notice again!

[7:27:08 PM] Iskandar: ((13))

[7:27:14 PM] Wynn: (9.)

[7:27:39 PM] Nilani: (( 18 ))

[7:27:39 PM] Iskandar: Something that by all accounts didn't happen until he left and thought the place had been shut down.

[7:28:03 PM] Wynn: He also left evil artifacts somewhere that they could be stolen and used.

[7:29:14 PM] Nilani: Guys, there's something out there and I don't think it's an illusion.

[7:29:38 PM] Nilani: Nilani indicates its general direction.

[7:30:12 PM] Wynn: Wynn looks that direction.

[7:30:35 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar also looks.

[7:31:59 PM] Kali: A massive tiger leaps out of the woods!

[7:32:04 PM] Kali: Roll Will saves!

[7:32:07 PM] Wynn: Wynn raises her shield!

[7:32:20 PM] Wynn: (9.)

[7:32:30 PM] Nilani: (( 17 ))

[7:33:17 PM] Iskandar: ((19 ))

[7:33:40 PM] Kali: Interesting.

[7:33:43 PM] Kali: Roll initiative!

[7:33:55 PM] Iskandar: ((2.00

[7:33:59 PM] Iskandar: ((2.))

[7:34:09 PM] Wynn: (18.)

[7:34:32 PM] Nilani: (( 17 ))

[7:34:56 PM] Kali: Wynn is not flatfooted, what's her AC?

[7:35:12 PM] Wynn: 21

[7:36:12 PM] Kali: The tiger slams into her with great force--it's extremely large, orange and black striped and its tail is lashing like mad.

[7:36:32 PM] Kali: It rakes at Wynn!

[7:37:17 PM] Kali: Round 1: Tiger, Wynn, Nilani, Iskandar, Brok.

[7:37:25 PM] Kali: *Tiger* already went! and did not get a surprise round.

[7:37:29 PM] Kali: *Wynn*

[7:37:52 PM] Wynn: Wynn draws her mace, snarls back at the tiger and smashes!

[7:38:16 PM] Wynn: (23 attack)

[7:38:20 PM] Kali: Hit!

[7:38:32 PM | Edited 7:38:38 PM] Wynn: (6.)

[7:39:10 PM] Kali: The tiger snarls!

[7:39:16 PM] Kali: * Nilani *

[7:39:43 PM] Nilani: Nilani attempts to move into a flanking position with Wynn!

[7:40:27 PM] Kali: Easily done!

[7:42:08 PM] Nilani: Nilani tries to stab it! (( 13. ))

[7:43:24 PM] Kali: Miss!

[7:43:27 PM] Kali: * Isk*

[7:43:50 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar casts Sleep.

[7:43:57 PM] Kali: DC is?

[7:44:03 PM] Kali: Er. Will save.

[7:44:19 PM] Iskandar: 16, I believe.

[7:45:34 PM] Kali: The tiger looks a little bit confused for a moment, then wobbles, and falls over.

[7:45:55 PM] Kali: End initiative!

[7:46:02 PM] Iskandar: You should probably stop hitting it.

[7:46:26 PM] Wynn: How long will that last?

[7:46:40 PM] Kali: You can all see that the tiger is actually pretty badly wounded already--it has some nasty scratches on its side that look like they came from a rosebush.

[7:47:06 PM] Iskandar: About five minutes.

[7:47:10 PM] Wynn: ...Nilani, can I see your hand?

[7:47:31 PM] Nilani: Sure.

[7:47:41 PM | Edited 7:48:06 PM] Nilani: Nilani holds out her hand to Wynn, taking off her gloves to let her get a better look.

[7:48:06 PM] Wynn: Wynn examines the scratches to see if they look infected/poisoned.

[7:48:23 PM] Kali: Judging from the ugly purplish color, yes, they do.

[7:48:36 PM] Wynn: (oh! lol guess the 20 heal check doesn't matter)

[7:48:40 PM] Nilani: Oh. Drat.

[7:48:51 PM] Kali: It's really *really* obvious.

[7:48:59 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns and attempts to at least send a little positive energy in to heal the scratches themselves.

[7:49:16 PM] Wynn: I can't do anything about poison. You'll have to see Allys when we get back.

[7:49:37 PM] Kali: The tiger stirs a bit.

[7:49:39 PM] Wynn: Wynn eyes the tiger.

[7:49:56 PM] Wynn: I should probably... take care of this one.

[7:50:02 PM] Iskandar: Why?

[7:50:14 PM] Wynn: Wynn raises an eyebrow at him.

[7:50:29 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar pulls some jerky from his pack and tosses it on the ground in front of the tiger.

[7:50:47 PM] Wynn: It's sick. Poisoned. Wounded.

[7:51:03 PM] Wynn: And anyone else that stumbles into this land would be attacked as well.

[7:51:13 PM] Iskandar: So's Nilani.  We're not putting her down.

[7:51:14 PM] Kali: The tiger opens its eyes again, staring at Isk.

[7:51:21 PM] Wynn: They may not be as fortunate to be wearing armor.

[7:52:18 PM] Iskandar: Is the tiger evil?

[7:53:02 PM] Wynn: No. But it is still dangerous. And suffering.

[7:54:01 PM] Kali: It stands up, wobbling a little bit.

[7:54:26 PM] Iskandar: Eh.  Aren't we all.

[7:54:34 PM] Iskandar: We should take it with us.

[7:54:44 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns at him.

[7:54:57 PM] Nilani: Talas would certainly like it.

[7:55:15 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar nods.

[7:55:16 PM] Wynn: One, we'd have to get it to the ship. Two, I don't like the idea of this in the forest with Janis and the rest of the crew.

[7:55:35 PM] Iskandar: ... you know there are much much worse things in the forest already, right?

[7:55:48 PM] Kali: The tiger snaps up the jerky and staggers closer to Iskandar.

[7:56:21 PM] Wynn: Like what?

[7:56:37 PM] Iskandar: The rhinos I keep hearing about that impaled you.

[7:56:42 PM] Iskandar: A shark named Terence.

[7:56:50 PM] Iskandar: This little mephit weirdos.

[7:56:52 PM] Iskandar: Wolves.

[7:56:55 PM] Nilani: Not to mention Talas herself.

[7:57:01 PM] Kali: The tiger sorta headbutts Iskandar.

[7:57:15 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar puts a hand on its head, tentatively.

[7:57:20 PM] Iskandar: Yeah.  Deadly dangerous.

[7:57:27 PM] Kali: Right on his legs.

[7:57:51 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns more.

[7:58:05 PM] Kali: It lifts its head to lick his hand!

[7:58:09 PM] Iskandar: Also there's a hellhound about to have puppies.

[7:58:18 PM] Nilani: At least she doen't seem hostile, but dear void, she almost killed us because a kid wouldn't say they were sorry.

[7:58:19 PM] Wynn: Yes. I wasn't thrilled about that either.

[7:58:49 PM] Wynn: Wynn sighs and slowly reaches out to touch the tiger.

[7:59:52 PM] Kali: It flinches a little bit.

[8:00:05 PM] Kali: But lets her.

[8:01:06 PM | Edited 8:01:32 PM] Nilani: Nilani eyes the tiger cautiously, debating whether to try to pet it also. On one hand, its fur looks amazingly soft! On the other hand, claws.

[8:01:17 PM] Kali: The tiger rears up and puts its massive paws on Isk's shoulders!

[8:01:39 PM] Iskandar: ...hi.

[8:01:50 PM] Wynn: Wynn does what she can and pulls her hand back.

[8:03:21 PM] Kali: Then it licks his face!

[8:04:02 PM] Wynn: ...I suppose we should get back then before it decides you taste good.

[8:04:28 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar closes his eyes.  "Good idea, I'm sure I'm delicious."

[8:04:51 PM] Wynn: Lead the way.

[8:05:03 PM] Wynn: Wynn will follow, mace out, keeping an eye on the tiger.

[8:05:45 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar tries to extricate himself!

[8:06:26 PM] Kali: The tiger's flesh melts away suddenly, and Isk finds himself holding a semiconscious dark-haired, dark-skinned elf with bright orange hair.

[8:06:52 PM] Nilani: Nilani is quite confused.

[8:07:03 PM] Wynn: Wynn raises an eyebrow.

[8:08:24 PM] Kali: But he can easily still toss her on the ground if he wants!

[8:08:49 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar does not.

[8:08:54 PM] Kali: She's wearing some very grubby clothes that were, apparently, once green, and also glasses.

[8:09:09 PM] Iskandar: .... do all tigers do that?

[8:09:39 PM] Nilani: I highly doubt it.

[8:10:33 PM] Iskandar: Maybe I can turn tigers into elves.

[8:10:51 PM] Iskandar: And vice versa.

[8:10:55 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar eyes Nilani.

[8:11:06 PM] Nilani: Nilani shuffles backwards a bit.

[8:11:16 PM] Kali: She snuggles up to Iskandar and hangs on him a little bit, still only semiconscious.

[8:11:44 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar lifts her up.  "Well... let's get back home.  She's easier to carry this way, at least."

[8:12:02 PM] Kali: She clings a bit.

[8:12:13 PM] Wynn: I'm sure she'll be glad to hear that you managed to talk me out of killing her.

[8:12:23 PM] Wynn: Go on. I'll take the rear.

[8:14:17 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar nods, and heads out!  Occasionally eyeing Nilani contemplatively.

[8:15:11 PM] Kali: You start back to the ship!

[8:15:20 PM] Nilani: Nilani looks to see if she can find the peppers on the way out, seemingly oblivious to Isk's gaze.

[8:15:41 PM] Kali: No more lions, tigers, or bears to try stop you, and it doesn't look like there are any peppers or tomatoes or veggies of any kind in this part of the jungle.

[8:16:05 PM] Wynn: We can always come back after we've gotten you fixed up.

[8:16:54 PM] Wynn: Wynn looks down at a bit of blood seeping from between plates in her armor. "And maybe after I've gotten fixed up too."

[8:17:05 PM] Iskandar: Good idea.

[8:18:08 PM] Kali: You head back to where you came in, only to find... no portal!

[8:18:28 PM] Wynn: ....because of course there's no portal.

[8:19:18 PM] Iskandar: Hrm.

[8:19:29 PM] Iskandar: You got that communicator thing?

[8:19:32 PM] Iskandar: Nilani?

[8:19:35 PM] Nilani: Yep.

[8:21:41 PM] Nilani: Nilani fishes it out and activates it.

"Hello? Nation? I'm sorry to bother you, but we think the portal collapsed we're stuck on-plane."

[8:25:02 PM] Kali: There's a moment of silence.

[8:25:30 PM] Kali: Then Nation finally answers. "What? Where are you? I'm in the middle of a power cycle here, what do you want?"

[8:26:59 PM] Nilani: Sorry. Talas sent us out to gather things, and now we're back where the portal was before, but as far as we know, it is not there anymore.

[8:29:19 PM] Kali: Nation: Or I could just leave you behind and let you stew in the pods for a while.

[8:29:43 PM] Nilani: True.

[8:29:45 PM] Wynn: We're out here as a favor to Talas. I'd think you'd be nicer.

[8:30:31 PM] Iskandar: Yeah, that is not a proportional response.

[8:30:42 PM] Kali: Nation: Oh, fine.

[8:31:03 PM] Kali: Nation: Next time I'll go on a jaunt and YOU can keep everyone from imploding.

[8:31:12 PM] Kali: A little shimmer appears and coalesces into a portal.

[8:31:25 PM] Iskandar: I'd be great at it.  I might be able to turn tigers into people.

[8:31:28 PM] Wynn: Wynn lets everyone else, including zombie!Brok, go first.

[8:31:33 PM] Nilani: Thanks. ^_^

[8:32:04 PM] Iskandar: Iskandar takes the tiger-girl in!

[8:32:11 PM] Kali: Brok heads in and then heads to his room1

[8:32:18 PM] Kali: Everyone gets in all right.

[8:32:37 PM] Wynn: Take her to the galley. I'll go get Allys.

[8:32:47 PM] Wynn: Wynn heads to Allys's room!

[8:33:03 PM] Iskandar: I'll take her to the lounge.  The couches are soft.

[8:34:54 PM] Kali: Allys isn't in her room!

[8:35:09 PM] Wynn: Wynn checks the library then!

[8:36:21 PM] Kali:  Nope!

[8:36:53 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns and heads to the lounge.

[8:37:15 PM] Wynn: Any idea where Allys is hiding if she isn't in her room or the library?

[8:37:34 PM] Iskandar: Training room?

[8:37:50 PM] Wynn: Wynn gives him a look. "She's a pacifist."

[8:38:13 PM] Iskandar: Exercise isn't inherently violent unless you do it to someone's face with violent intent.

[8:38:25 PM] Wynn: Wynn sighs and checks the training room.

[8:40:17 PM] Kali: Grayson and Tarak are in there!

[8:40:35 PM] Wynn: Have you guys seen Allys? We have some poisoning issues.

[8:41:33 PM] Kali: Tarak: Ah, hell, what happened?

[8:41:57 PM] Wynn: An orange rose bush and a tiger that turned into a girl.

[8:43:09 PM] Kali: Tarak: ... sounds like it'd make a good story.

[8:43:37 PM] Wynn: Not really. That's about it, but Nilani and this girl need some help and Allys isn't in her room or the library.

[8:44:48 PM] Kali: Tarak: ... doubt she'd be in the forest.

[8:49:21 PM] Wynn: Well, where else does she go?

[8:49:38 PM] Kali: Tarak: Not a damn clue.

[8:49:56 PM] Kali: Grayson: ... unless she's changed a *lot* it's not the forest, though.

[8:50:14 PM] Wynn: If you see her, ask her to go to the lounge, please.

[8:50:27 PM] Wynn: Wynn leaves to check the galley and go back to the lounge.

[8:50:43 PM] Kali: Tarak: Sure.

[8:51:17 PM] Kali: The tigergirl is glommed onto Isk pretty hard, although she's still not really totally conscious.

[8:51:35 PM] Wynn: How are you feeling, Nilani?

[8:51:41 PM] Iskandar: Find Allys?

[8:51:55 PM] Wynn: No. I'm about to go check the forest for Talas. Maybe she can do something.

[8:52:12 PM] Nilani: A bit tired. Kinda weak.

[8:52:21 PM] Iskandar: You tried her room, right?  Check mine.

[8:52:35 PM] Wynn: I checked hers. Yours?

[8:52:47 PM] Nilani: At least I'm not seeing anything weird.

[8:52:52 PM] Iskandar: Yeah.  I've been giving her dragon lessons.

[8:53:01 PM] Wynn: ...ok.

[8:53:08 PM] Iskandar: Also, sex.

[8:53:09 PM] Kali: ((Is THAT what they're calling it these days...))

[8:53:20 PM] Kali: ((Ahaaha, I love Isk, I really do.))

[8:53:41 PM] Wynn: ....I hope I'm not seeing anything weird either, Nilani.

[8:53:50 PM] Wynn: Wynn goes to check his room.

[8:54:28 PM] Kali: Allys answers the door, frowning, with a notebook in one hand and a handful of jewelry in the other. "Yes?"

[8:54:56 PM] Wynn: We have a problem in the lounge and healing it is beyond my ability. Would you mind taking a look?

[8:55:26 PM] Iskandar: /meanwhile, Isk is watching Nilani.  "Do you feel ike you're turning into a tiger yet?"

[8:55:55 PM] Kali: Allys's frown deepens. "What happened *this* time?"

[8:56:03 PM] Nilani: Other than a growing urge to curl up and take a nap, not really.

[8:56:19 PM] Iskandar: ...maybe it's a slow process.

[8:56:21 PM] Wynn: Poison, I think. Nilani got scratched by a rose bush. And a tiger turned into a girl.

[8:56:46 PM] Iskandar: I mean, the rose was orange.  Maybe the venom turns you into a tiger.

[8:56:54 PM] Iskandar: Or it was me.

[8:57:03 PM] Iskandar: Is it wrong to hope for the latter?

[8:57:06 PM] Kali: Allys: Did she bite you?

[8:57:17 PM] Wynn: Scratched. I think I'll be fine though.

[8:57:36 PM] Nilani: Nilani grins weakly.

[8:58:28 PM] Kali: Allys: Unless it's a weretiger.

[8:58:49 PM] Kali: Arin peeks around the corner. "Do you need any help?"

[9:00:18 PM] Wynn: ...I'm not sure what you could help with. Iskandar's with the girl. She's pretty bad.

[9:00:40 PM] Kali: Arin: All right. I'll keep untangling necklaces, then.

[9:00:41 PM] Wynn: I did what I could, but really, it was just to heal the damage I did when she attacked me.

[9:00:54 PM] Kali: Allys hands her the knot, nodding, and heads out with Wynn.

[9:01:20 PM] Kali: Allys: Hoards are not as simple as one would think.

[9:01:45 PM] Wynn: There is a reason they call it the "simple life" to live without many possessions.

[9:01:52 PM] Kali: Allys turns up in the lounge with Wynn, and casts a couple of spells on the tiger girl, whose color improves immediately--less of a green-brown and more of a deep brown.

[9:02:33 PM] Kali: Allys: I'm not especially fond of having one, personally, but there are certain... objectives to fulfill. And I don't do things halfway.

[9:03:48 PM] Iskandar: Hi, Allys.  I might have discovered an exciting new power.

[9:04:00 PM] Wynn: Nilani needs some help as well.

[9:04:14 PM] Kali: Allys: Really, what sort?

[9:04:18 PM] Wynn: Poison.

[9:04:25 PM] Iskandar: I might be able to turn tigers into elves.

[9:04:53 PM] Kali: Allys turns to Nilani, eyes her and casts a couple of spells on her, too. Now she's only 1 str short of normal!

[9:05:00 PM] Kali: Allys: That seems unlikely.

[9:05:17 PM] Nilani: Thanks. ^_^

[9:08:42 PM] Iskandar: Well.

[9:10:33 PM] Wynn: Allys mentioned she might be a weretiger. Has nothing to do with you.

[9:10:49 PM] Kali: Allys picks up the weretiger's glasses and sets them on the table next to her.

[9:10:51 PM] Iskandar: Why must you be the screen door on my submarine, Wynn.

[9:11:32 PM] Wynn: It's my secondary duty.

[9:12:38 PM] Iskandar: That was awfully close to a joke.

[9:12:57 PM] Wynn: It *was* a joke. You think I don't have better things to do than just ruin your day?

[9:13:47 PM | Edited 9:14:07 PM] Iskandar: One does not think 'Wynn' and 'jocularity' concurrently.

[9:13:52 PM] Kali: Allys: I'm certain she does.

[9:14:38 PM] Iskandar: Pardon my surprise.

[9:15:46 PM] Kali: Allys: If she's doing what Tarak requires, at least.

[9:16:07 PM] Wynn: Of course I am.

[9:16:38 PM] Wynn: Wynn unstraps and shrugs out of her breastplate to get a better look at the scratches that got her.

[9:18:18 PM] Wynn: So what's the diagnosis? She going to be ok? Both of them?

[9:18:34 PM] Iskandar: Wynn got a little mauled, too.

[9:18:37 PM] Kali: Allys: Yes, of course.

[9:18:41 PM] Kali: Allys: Oh, *really*.

[9:18:51 PM] Kali: Allys: Being macho again, are we?

[9:18:53 PM] Kali: She *eyes* Wynn.

[9:19:15 PM] Wynn: No. I just wanted to look before I healed it. I *can* take care of myself once I know everyone else is fine.

[9:19:18 PM] Wynn: Wynn does so!

[9:20:27 PM] Wynn: I was going to heal myself after the greataxe incident too. I just didn't get word that all the hostiles were down before you showed up.

[9:22:21 PM] Kali: Allys: I'm sure Tarak will find that very comforting and not at all distressing.

[9:22:31 PM] Wynn: He does the same thing.

[9:22:57 PM] Kali: Allys: Unsurprisingly, yes, because he is an idiot.

[9:23:18 PM] Wynn: Wynn frowns.

[9:23:18 PM] Kali: Allys: ... and because he actually *does* have responsibility for someone other than himself. Formally.

[9:26:25 PM] Wynn: It's my job to protect people. That means if I have a limited pool of healing magic, I give it to those who need it before myself.

[9:26:48 PM] Kali: Allys: The difference is that you seem never to get *around* to yourself.

[9:27:20 PM] Wynn: I just did! And I was waiting for confirmation that day! Kestrel was just worried for some reason.

[9:28:04 PM] Kali: Allys: Next time, don't wait.

[9:28:10 PM] Kali: Allys sweeps out, looking displeased!

[9:28:47 PM] Wynn: Wynn grumps and mutters under her breath, "not my mentor."

[9:28:58 PM] Wynn: How's the girl doing?

[9:33:03 PM] Iskandar: She seems to be better.

[9:33:50 PM] Kali: She does! And it looks like she's sleeping.

[9:35:44 PM] Wynn: Wynn pulls a rag from her belt and sits across from them, starting to polish the blood from her armor.

[9:39:34 PM] Nilani: Nilani goes off to give Talas the clipping, then goes to her room and takes a nap.

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