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[[Lovely 13.5 Ann's late night]]
[[Lovely 13.5 Ann's late night]]
[[Lovely 13.7]] Sunovir
[[Lovely 14 Main]]
[[Lovely 14 Main]]

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A game set in a strange inn

Player CharactersEdit

Seventh Last Chance- Tabaxi warlock

Pharolvir Tarsyn Nyloth Elisar II - Drow artificer, alchemist specialty

Bobbin- Kenku

Ann Nesia? - Wood elf druid has no memory

Franssart Smyrno Darrel - Human fighter ,former sailor, missing right arm.(not in reboot)

Lovely Creatures NPCs

Reboot Logs Edit

Lovely 001

Lovely 002

Lovely 002 meeting Bobbin

Lovely 003

Lovely 003a Chance chats with two of the brothers.

Lovely 003b Ann and the rat

Lovely 003c Ann meets Tagget

Lovely 003d Pharolvir talks to Ulisse

Lovely 004

Lovely 005

Lovely 005 Chance's Penthouse Letter

Lovely 005b Pharolvir talks to Ulisse

Lovely 006 Meeting Blub

Lovely 006 Ann Rat side chat

Lovely 006b Ulisse talks to Ylyndar

Lovely 007

Lovely 007b

Lovely 008

Lovely 009

Lovely 010 Pharolvir and Ann talk to Ulisse.

Lovely 011

Lovely 011.5

Lovely 12

Lovely 12.5

Lovely 13

Lovely 13.5

Lovely 13.5 Ann's late night

Lovely 13.7 Sunovir

Lovely 14 Main

Lovely 14.5 Anndar

Lovely 14.7 Pharolisseshine

Lovely 14.9 Chanfret

Old Logs Edit

LC 001

LC 002

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