XhoYesterday at 10:36 PM

It is late the next morning, probably around 10 or 10:30 a.m. Pharolvir has just finished talking to Sunshine for the second time, Ann is just turning up and Chance is here too.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:37 PM

exits my room and sees the other.  "Oh, hello."

ChanceYesterday at 10:37 PM


Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:38 PM

has just entered the sitting room “ morning Pharolvir”

PharolvirYesterday at 10:38 PM

"You didn't come back last night.  Everything ok?"

ChanceYesterday at 10:39 PM

Everything is fine!

PharolvirYesterday at 10:39 PM


Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:39 PM

Doing fine

XhoYesterday at 10:39 PM

Beauty trills a little meow.

ChanceYesterday at 10:39 PM

oh, you were talking to her.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:40 PM

"Given you have your own room, yes."

ChanceYesterday at 10:40 PM

You have still not forgiven me for moving out.

[10:41 PM]

Even though I am right down the hall and not one person has come to say hi.  Maybe I should be mad at you.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:41 PM

Went down to the bar  talked to Ylyndar which helped put things into perspective  danced a bit and yeah had a good night

PharolvirYesterday at 10:41 PM

"...Ylyndar put things in perspective?"

[10:41 PM]

"And I'm not mad you don't live here, Chance."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:43 PM

You do come here every day chance are we supposed to visit in the middle of the night?

XhoYesterday at 10:45 PM

There is a pot of tea and your dishes have been done, by the way.

ChanceYesterday at 10:45 PM

I don't come here every day.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:45 PM

And yes Ylyndar did help me work through my issues does that shock you?

ChanceYesterday at 10:45 PM

Not at all.  I liked him.  HE seemed sensible.

[10:45 PM]

Did he give you your memory back?

PharolvirYesterday at 10:45 PM

"...he seemed...very...orderly."

[10:46 PM]

"...I hadn't thought of that.  Maybe he could restore you."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:46 PM

He’s not that orderly

[10:46 PM]

And no nothing to do with memory

PharolvirYesterday at 10:47 PM

"...I should also probably mention I have company over."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:47 PM


ChanceYesterday at 10:47 PM

I know, I am right here.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:47 PM

"Sunshine.  She's in my room."

[10:47 PM]

"....NOT IN A...we were talking."

ChanceYesterday at 10:48 PM


XhoYesterday at 10:48 PM

The rat eyes Pharolvir skeptically.

ChanceYesterday at 10:48 PM

No wonder you guys don't notice when I'm not here.  You're utterly consumed in interpersonal drama.  Maybe I should move back in.

XhoYesterday at 10:50 PM

Beauty hops onto the counter and looks at one of the clean teacups speculatively.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:50 PM

glares at the rat.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:50 PM

Me and Ylyndar  “talked” as well

[10:50 PM]

pets the rat

PharolvirYesterday at 10:50 PM

"Yes, you said."

[10:51 PM]


[10:51 PM]

" don't mean talked how I do!"

XhoYesterday at 10:51 PM

The rat just looks smug now.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:51 PM

"...with Ylyndar?"

ChanceYesterday at 10:51 PM

.... did the rat watch?  Because that would be weird.

PharolvirYesterday at 10:52 PM

"That's just gross, Chance."

ChanceYesterday at 10:52 PM

Which is why it's weird.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:52 PM


PharolvirYesterday at 10:53 PM

"...yes to which?  The talking or the rat watching?"

[10:53 PM]

"Actually, don't tell me.  I don't need details."

[10:53 PM]

goes and gets himself some more tea.

XhoYesterday at 10:54 PM

It's good tea! Slightly on the strong side.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:54 PM

pours herself some tea as well and gets some food for the rat

XhoYesterday at 10:54 PM

Roll perception!

PharolvirYesterday at 10:55 PM


[10:57 PM]

((Did you mean for everyone?))

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:57 PM


[10:58 PM]

((Sorry computer was off))

XhoYesterday at 10:58 PM


ChanceYesterday at 10:59 PM


PharolvirYesterday at 11:02 PM

"...Ylyndar? it the scruff?"

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:05 PM

Not really he just was nice and had good advice and things just kind of happened

PharolvirYesterday at 11:05 PM

"...huh.  ...that does make sense."

[11:06 PM]

"...well...we just talked."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:07 PM

Who is Sunshine ?

PharolvirYesterday at 11:07 PM

"...oh right, you were...not there."

[11:07 PM]

"Um...I have a fianceé."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:08 PM


ChanceYesterday at 11:08 PM

She's very nice.

PharolvirYesterday at 11:09 PM

"She is.  She's very kind and thoughtful and accepting."

[11:09 PM]

"...I was originally engaged to her sister who was none of those things.  ...which is why I came here."

[11:09 PM]

"...but now I'm...not."

[11:09 PM]

"...feels weird."

[11:12 PM]

"...I should talk to Ulisse.  Chance, you have any special night?"

ChanceYesterday at 11:13 PM


PharolvirYesterday at 11:14 PM

"Well...that's a shame."

ChanceYesterday at 11:18 PM

Do you want us to leave?

PharolvirYesterday at 11:18 PM


[11:18 PM]

"...should I?"

XhoYesterday at 11:19 PM

Beauty nudges the teacup.

ChanceYesterday at 11:19 PM

I don't think so.  Unless you wanted to 'talk'?

PharolvirYesterday at 11:19 PM

grabs the teacup before Beauty can "Catlateral Damage" it.

[11:19 PM]

"...I think Sunshine and I talked all we can."

XhoYesterday at 11:20 PM

Beauty's expression says "What? Noooo."

PharolvirYesterday at 11:20 PM

" least on our own."

[11:21 PM]

"I should check on her, though.  I'm being very rude."

[11:21 PM]

will pour a cup of tea for Sunshine.

ChanceYesterday at 11:21 PM

Invite her out for tea!

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:21 PM

puts her teacup down near beauty

XhoYesterday at 11:22 PM

Beauty eyes the teacup.

PharolvirYesterday at 11:22 PM

will go open the bedroom door, teacup in hand.  "Good idea.  I will be right back."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:23 PM

will put the rat over in the play area

XhoYesterday at 11:23 PM

The rat starts chewing on one of the chewier toys.

XhoYesterday at 11:38 PM

Ulisse turns up, stepping out of his bedroom. "... good morning. ...everyone looks very serious."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:39 PM

Not at all would you like some tea?

XhoYesterday at 11:39 PM

Ulisse: Yes, please.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:40 PM

will pour him a cup and pass it to him

ChanceYesterday at 11:40 PM

pulls out an oragami folded ship.

XhoYesterday at 11:40 PM

Ulisse takes the tea, slowly and carefully, and takes a sip.

[11:45 PM]

Ulisse: I didn't know you folded paper. That's a nice piece.

ChanceYesterday at 11:47 PM

I am excellent at it, but I didn't do this one.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:48 PM

who did?

ChanceYesterday at 11:49 PM

shrugs!  "It's a mystery, or a threat."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:50 PM

how is a folded ship a threat?

ChanceYesterday at 11:50 PM

Not sure!

XhoYesterday at 11:50 PM

There's a knock at the door!

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:51 PM

answers it

XhoYesterday at 11:53 PM

It's Qiva, and she's already frowning.

ChanceYesterday at 11:53 PM

Hi Qiva!  Did you come for tea?

XhoYesterday at 11:53 PM

Qiva: No.

[11:53 PM]

She does step in, though.

ChanceYesterday at 11:53 PM

Would you like some?

XhoYesterday at 11:55 PM

Qiva: ... fine.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:57 PM

What brings you hear so soon after we last saw you?

[11:59 PM]

will pour and pass her a cup of tea

June 15, 2020

XhoToday at 12:00 AM

Qiva: ... originally I was going to threaten you all and try to coerce you into telling me where the Sky Hawk was.

[12:00 AM]

She takes the cup and takes a sip, still kinda glaring.

ChanceToday at 12:00 AM

Oh, why?

XhoToday at 12:01 AM

Sunshine steps out from Pharolvir's room; this time she's wearing a dark violet pantsuit, very plain, no cloak. Her hair's still firmly down over one eye, and she's pretty dependent on the staff to walk.

[12:01 AM]

Qiva: So that I can arrest her, obviously.

PharolvirToday at 12:01 AM

"Ulisse!  ...Lady Qiva. our living room.  ...again."

XhoToday at 12:02 AM

Qiva: Quite.

[12:02 AM]

She eyes Sunshine curiously, but doesn't say anything.

[12:03 AM]

Qiva sips her tea.

ChanceToday at 12:04 AM

I mean, why do you think she told us where she is?

XhoToday at 12:04 AM

Qiva: You seem to be... friends.

ChanceToday at 12:04 AM

Why do you say that word like a supervillain?

[12:04 AM]

Or an alien pretending to be from this planet?

XhoToday at 12:05 AM

Ulisse: Sunshine, this is Lady Qiva Everhart; Qiva, this is Sunshine.

[12:06 AM]

Qiva: I was hoping you'd let more information slip.

[12:06 AM]

Qiva nods absently at Sunshine, who nods back, still a bit mystified.

ChanceToday at 12:07 AM

We don't know where she is.  She sent us information on slavers.

XhoToday at 12:07 AM

Sunshine: ... of House Ssinn, though I doubt it will mean anything to you.

PharolvirToday at 12:07 AM

turns to Sunshine.  "Lady Qiva is a pirate hunter, and seems to believe we know something relevant to her chase."

XhoToday at 12:07 AM

Qiva: Don't be absurd, I've met the ambassador.

[12:08 AM]

Sunshine: ... ah, I see. ... do you?

PharolvirToday at 12:08 AM


[12:08 AM]

sips his tea.

XhoToday at 12:09 AM

Qiva: ... they probably don't.

[12:09 AM]

Qiva glowers, and drinks the rest of her tea. "... and if they do, I will catch them eventually."

[12:10 AM]

She takes a little bag from inside her jacket and tosses it at Chance.

ChanceToday at 12:10 AM

I didn't get you anything!

PharolvirToday at 12:11 AM

"She can have some tea."

[12:11 AM]

"It's quite good."

XhoToday at 12:11 AM

Qiva: It's not for you.

[12:12 AM]

Qiva: ... it's for the children you rescued. And I'm still going to see you all in jail.

[12:12 AM]

She stalks out, slamming the door behind her.

ChanceToday at 12:12 AM

For rescuing children?

XhoToday at 12:12 AM

Sunshine: ... she seems high-strung.

PharolvirToday at 12:12 AM

"...this is why we don't invite her over more."

Ann NesiaToday at 12:12 AM

and manslaughter I am sure

[12:13 AM]

she was more polite than last time she barged in

PharolvirToday at 12:13 AM


[12:14 AM]

"...Sunshine, this is our friend Ann.  She's...special."

ChanceToday at 12:14 AM


PharolvirToday at 12:15 AM

"Ann...this is Sunshine...she' fiancée."(edited)

Ann NesiaToday at 12:15 AM

nice to meet you

XhoToday at 12:16 AM

Sunshine smiles. "Nice to meet you too. I'm a healer; what do you do?"

PharolvirToday at 12:17 AM

"Ann protects us from harm and has recently freed orphans kidnapped by slavers."

Ann NesiaToday at 12:17 AM

talk to animals, turn into animals

[12:18 AM]

we all did that

XhoToday at 12:18 AM

Sunshine: Oh, that's nice. ... I thought slavery was illegal here.

PharolvirToday at 12:18 AM

"It is."

[12:18 AM]

"...I believe."

XhoToday at 12:19 AM

Ulisse has quietly folded his arms and leaned against the wall again.

[12:19 AM]

Ulisse: It is.

PharolvirToday at 12:19 AM

"...all three of us... really need to talk...I think."

Ann NesiaToday at 12:20 AM

I think Qiva stole our teacup

XhoToday at 12:21 AM

The teacup does appear to be missing.

PharolvirToday at 12:21 AM

"Oh darn.  It was a very nice set."

ChanceToday at 12:21 AM


XhoToday at 12:21 AM

Ulisse: My room or yours?

PharolvirToday at 12:22 AM

"...where would you feel most comfortable?"

XhoToday at 12:22 AM

Ulisse shrugs. "Anywhere."

PharolvirToday at 12:22 AM

turns to Sunshine to see if she has a preference.

XhoToday at 12:23 AM

Sunshine: His room will be fine, if you don't object.

[12:24 AM]

There's another knock at the door.

ChanceToday at 12:24 AM

will get it this time.

Ann NesiaToday at 12:24 AM

do you think she is coming to return the cup?

XhoToday at 12:25 AM

It's actually two people, neither of whom are Qiva. One is Ylyndar, the other is the brown-skinned, dark-haired receptionist from the brothel side of the building.

[12:25 AM]

Ulisse shows Sunshine to his room, and heads in there.

PharolvirToday at 12:26 AM

will go there with Sunshine and Ulisse.  Chance and Ann have this.

ChanceToday at 12:27 AM

Hello!  We thought you were an angry half-elf woman who wanted to arrest us for rescuing children.

Ann NesiaToday at 12:28 AM

Would you like some tea?

XhoToday at 12:28 AM

Ylyndar: ... Who would arrest someone for rescuing children?

Ann NesiaToday at 12:29 AM

Lady Qiva

ChanceToday at 12:29 AM

This is my question.

[12:29 AM]

looks in the bag.

XhoToday at 12:29 AM

Ylyndar: I don't know who that is.

Ann NesiaToday at 12:30 AM

pirate hunter been hanging out in the bar for last couple weeks

[12:33 AM]

will pour and bring them both a cup of tea

XhoToday at 12:33 AM

Ylyndar takes it; so does Nefret, the receptionist.

[12:34 AM]

Ylyndar: I actually came to see if you wanted to go for a walk.

Ann NesiaToday at 12:35 AM


ChanceToday at 12:36 AM

No thank you!

XhoToday at 12:37 AM

Nefret: Oh good, I was hoping to speak with you alone, Mr. Chance.

ChanceToday at 12:39 AM

Oh!  That would be very nice.  I was going to walk down to the orphanage if you wish to join me?

XhoToday at 12:40 AM

Nefret smiles. "That would be very nice."

[12:43 AM]

Okay, we're going to split you all three up now.

[12:45 AM]

Nefret takes Chance's arm, and they head off to the orphanage, and Ylyndar takes Ann's hand, and they head off somewhere.

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