[11:45 PM] Xho: Nefret: I have a little problem, and I'm not sure what I should do about it.

[11:51 PM] Chance: Oh?  Tell me about it, I am excellent at problems.

[11:53 PM] Xho: Nefret smiles. "I hoped so. I saw the little frog you made me  and thought it'd be worth asking you for help. Did you get mine?"

[11:54 PM] Chance: I did!  That was you?  It was quite nice.

[11:54 PM] Xho: Nefret smiles. "I had to ask some friends for help, and that was my third try, but I managed!"

[11:55 PM] Chance: Is your problem origami related?

[11:57 PM] Xho: Nefret: If only it were, then a torch would suffice to solve it. ... actually, it still might, if properly applied, but. No, it's... someone from my past, who won't take no for an answer.

[11:59 PM] Chance: Oh, that's no good.  Who is this person?  What makes it a difficult situation?

June 15, 2020

[12:03 AM] Xho: Nefret: Well, he was my husband, but that was a long time ago. And he doesn't listen to me when I tell him we're done.

[12:05 AM] Chance: Well, what can I do for you?

[12:08 AM] Xho: Nefret: His name is Amenei. I'm not sure if he'd listen to you, or if you could just... get rid of him.

[12:12 AM] Chance: Oh!  Hmm.  Do you mean send him a way?  Or, like...

[12:12 AM] Chance: drags a finger across his neck.

[12:13 AM] Xho: Nefret: Well, that... is part of the problem, really. He's already dead.

[12:13 AM] Chance: What kind of dead?

[12:14 AM] Xho: Nefret: Undead, I'm afraid.

[12:15 AM] Chance: Hmmm.

[12:15 AM] Chance: Why me?

[12:16 AM] Xho: Nefret: You seem like you could be... persuasive.

[12:17 AM] Chance: I can be!  Quite persuasive.

[12:18 AM] Xho: Nefret: It would be nice if you could get him to see reason. He was a good husband, once.

[12:19 AM] Chance: Why is he no longer?

[12:19 AM] Chance: I mean, besides the 'not taking no for an answer' thing.  Was tehre something that made him turn?

[12:20 AM] Xho: Nefret: Just dying.

[12:23 AM] Chance: What.... sort of undeath did he acquire?

[12:24 AM] Xho: Nefret: Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought I'd mentioned it. He's a mummy.

[12:25 AM] Chance: Was this something he chose?

[12:26 AM] Xho: Nefret: It is traditional. I don't think he thought it'd involve being undead, though.

[12:28 AM] Chance: How long ago were you married?

[12:29 AM] Xho: Nefret: Mmm, three thousand years ago, I think?

[12:30 AM] Chance: .... there's not letting go and there's that.

[12:31 AM] Xho: Nefret: Change is very hard for undead, to be fair.

[12:32 AM] Chance: How long has he been not taking no for an answer?

[12:38 AM] Xho: Nefret: The same. Though he sleeps for a few hundred years at a time.

[12:43 AM] Chance: Are you also a mummy?

[12:43 AM] Xho: Nefret: Yes. Don't worry about mummy rot, though, the gods have been very kind to me.

12:44 AM] Chance: It had not even occured!  You are definitely the most attractive mummy I have ever met.

[12:45 AM] Chance: And you smell quite nice.

[12:45 AM] Xho: Nefret: Thank you! It isn't illusion, either. I'm a priestess, it's a gift.

[12:46 AM] Chance: Have you gone to Ylndar for help with your issue?  Your ex is undead, after all.

[12:48 AM] Xho: Nefret: I think he'd have to kill him. But maybe you wouldn't.

[12:49 AM] Chance: Well I would be happy to try!  Where can I find him?

[12:50 AM] Xho: Nefret gives him an address in the city! ... or rather, below the city, in the catacombs.

[12:50 AM] Xho: Nefret: ... at least try to reason with him. He was a good husband, but when you say "til death do us part," well. It does mean something.

[12:52 AM] Chance: Is there anything you want me to be sure to tell him?  Or not tell him?

[12:54 AM] Xho: Nefret: ... just that he should move on too. And if he wants to stop the whole... bandage routine, he should see Madame Samira at her shop at the corner of Dupont and Third Street.

[12:55 AM] Chance: I take it bandages are a bit of a throwback in the mummy community?

[12:58 AM] Xho: Nefret: We all start that way, but there's no need to keep on that way.

[12:59 AM] Xho: Nefret: Being interested in dead people is a perfectly valid fetish, but dwelling on being dead is just... sad.

[12:59 AM] Chance: It seems like he's just stuck in the past.

[1:00 AM] Xho: Nefret: He deserves better.

[1:02 AM] Chance: Well, I will try to get through to him, but some men just can't change, or leg go of a time when they thought things were better.

[1:04 AM] Xho: Nefret: I understand. It just seemed like.... a bad idea to send a paladin after an undead man. And you have a lot more in common with Amenei than Ylyndar would.

[1:04 AM] Chance: How so?

[1:05 AM] Xho: Nefret: He was a sailor too. A captain. He loved the sea, probably more than he loved me.

[1:06 AM] Chance: And yet now, you're the one he pines for.

[1:08 AM] Xho: Nefret: Unfortunately. I like my life here. I'm a good receptionist, and I get to help people every day.

[1:12 AM] Chance: I'm going to be honest and admit that I dno't know what a receptionist actually does!

[1:12 AM] Chance: I've just not met many.

[1:14 AM] Xho: Nefret: I greet people when they come in, and help them find what or who they're looking for. Sometimes they don't know themselves.

[1:19 AM] Chance: What do people go looking for there?

[1:21 AM] Xho: Nefret: Oh, all kinds of things. Monsters, usually, but sometimes just... people who aren't always regarded well elsewhere. We have an ogre who's very sweet. And I think you've met Lola. There are a pair of kobold boys, and an aranea girl.

[1:26 AM] Xho: Nefret: Just all kinds of people. And not just sex workers, either. We have storytellers, and poets, and singers who can come and entertain you. Or insult you. Whichever you prefer.

[1:26 AM] Xho: Nefret:  You can even make an appointment with someone just to argue with you.

[1:27 AM] Chance: ... I know a disproportionate amount of people who would love that service.

[1:28 AM] Xho: Nefret: Their name is Masha. They studied law but decided they didn't get to spend enough time in court, so now they do this.

[1:35 AM] Chance: So you just... take care of people that come in?

[1:37 AM] Xho: Nefret: I direct them. And help them work out what they really want. I do double as a dancer, but I don't do any sex work myself. I wouldn't be good at it--it's very difficult.

[1:40 AM] Chance: I can imagine.  Do you do gift certificates?

[1:41 AM] Xho: Nefret: Of course!

[1:41 AM] Chance: I know someone who is defintely in need of something but she doesn't know what.

[1:42 AM] Chance: Maybe she just needs a good argument.

[1:42 AM] Chance: does go to the orphanage and give them Qiva's donation, making sure that her name is attached to it.

[1:43 AM] Xho: And we'll wrap up for the night! Thanks! 

[1:43 AM] Xho: Oh, one more thing.

[1:44 AM] Xho: Before he heads into the building, Nefret kisses Chance.

[1:44 AM] Chance: What was that for?  Not that I"m complaining, mind you!  That was a good kiss.

[1:46 AM] Xho: Nefret: You're handsome, you're helping me and I like you.

[1:46 AM] Chance: All good answers.  Perhaps we can go dancing this week?

[1:46 AM] Xho: Nefret: Yes! I do have a day off coming up.

[1:47 AM] Chance: Excellent!  You know where to find me.

[1:48 AM] Xho: Nefret: I will. Thank you!

[1:48 AM] Chance: smiles.

[1:49 AM] Xho: ((And there we are!))

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