[10:26 PM] Xho: Sunshine is still there; she's put her prosthetics and her outer layer of clothes back on, and is reading a book with a plain black cover.
[10:30 PM] Pharolvir: "Everyone else is here.  And we still have the tea.  You want to come and say hi?"
[10:31 PM] Xho: Sunshine jumps a bit, not having noticed the door open. "Certainly! ... did you talk to him? What did he say?"
[10:34 PM] Pharolvir: "...oh, Ulisse's not here.  Sorry.  I haven't seen him, yet.  But these are my friends.  You already met Chance and you can meet Ann.  She's...interesting."
[10:36 PM] Xho: Sunshine grabs her staff and gets to her feet (foot?), then picking up the book again. "I... have something for you."
[10:38 PM] Pharolvir: "...ok."
[10:38 PM] Xho: She hands him the book.
[10:38 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... just give it a chance, even if you don't approve.
[10:39 PM] Pharolvir: looks at it.
[10:39 PM] Xho: No title or author on the cover, plain black binding, very cheap.
[10:40 PM] Pharolvir: "...what is it?"
[10:41 PM] Xho: Sunshine: Look inside. It's not from me exactly, but they said I could read it.
[10:42 PM] Pharolvir: opens to the first page.
[10:43 PM] Xho: "A Vindication of the Rights of Man: With Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects."
[10:44 PM] Pharolvir: " this...masculinist literature?"
[10:44 PM] Xho: Sunshine: Yes. It's very new, a lot of people are very upset about it. There are book burnings and things.
[10:45 PM] Pharolvir: " really want me as an equal?"
[10:48 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I don't really know how, but I definitely don't want to marry anybody who's going to kneel at the wedding, so I think I'd better work out how.
[10:48 PM] Pharolvir: hugs her
[10:49 PM] Pharolvir: "You are the sweetest woman from the Underdark I've ever met."
[10:50 PM] Xho: She hugs him back, smiling a bit. "But it's not from me really. It's from your father. I do want to finish it when you're done. If you don't mind."
[10:50 PM] Pharolvir: " father?"
[10:51 PM] Pharolvir: "...I...he...what?"
[10:51 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... well, I did tell them you were alive.
[10:52 PM] Pharolvir: ".........................wait, what?"
[10:52 PM] Xho: Sunshine: Your family. After I had the divination done I asked your mother for permission, and let her know you were alive, of course.
[10:53 PM] Pharolvir: "................ok.....ok.........o.......kay."
[10:55 PM] Xho: Sunshine: He came to my house in the middle of the night to give me this for you. It was very cloak-and-dagger.
[10:55 PM] Pharolvir: "...I think we should go get more tea."
[10:56 PM] Pharolvir: "...I am...we can talk about this later.  You should meet everyone first."
[10:57 PM] Pharolvir: "...if you're up for it."(edited)
[10:58 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... it's hard to be seen by other people sometimes, but these are your friends.
[10:58 PM] Pharolvir: "They are.  And they'll be kind too."
[10:59 PM] Pharolvir: smiles and carresses her face in a loving fashion
[10:59 PM] Xho: She relaxes a little bit, and nods, limping back into the living room.
[11:00 PM] Pharolvir: helps her through.
[11:01 PM] Xho: Balance is probably a major part of her issue; the prosthetic makes it tough to feel where the ground is all that well.
[11:02 PM] Pharolvir: makes a mental note to consult with Tython on improvements.
[11:27 PM] Pharolvir: goes into Ulisse's room with him and Sunshine.

[11:27 PM] Pharolvir: "So...some things...were discussed."
[11:29 PM] Xho: Sunshine sits on the bed.
[11:29 PM] Xho: Ulisse takes a chair; there is another chair available or Pharol can sit on the bed as well.
[11:29 PM] Xho: Ulisse: I do understand.
[11:30 PM] Pharolvir: " do?"
[11:33 PM] Xho: Ulisse: You're from the same culture. She's obviously a very good match, and comes without the... "massive" seems inadequate here... never-ending? eternal? baggage that I have. And probably will always have.
[11:33 PM] Pharolvir: "...I don't think you do understand."
[11:33 PM] Pharolvir: "Or...not completely."
[11:34 PM] Xho: Ulisse: No?
[11:35 PM] Pharolvir: "Um...I am...thinking I might date Sunshine.  I do want to learn what living with her is like and if we are actually as good a couple as we seem."
[11:35 PM] Pharolvir: "But...I was also hoping to date you...too.  As like...a thing."
[11:36 PM] Pharolvir: "Drow culture does allow both for marriage to multiple partners and for married nobles to take...lovers."
[11:36 PM] Pharolvir: "...these are usually privileges for women, not men but...well...surface world is different."
[11:36 PM] Pharolvir: "But I only want to do it if everyone is open to it and we can each other."
[11:36 PM] Xho: Ulisse: ... oh.
[11:37 PM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I did not see that coming, no.
[11:37 PM] Pharolvir: "...I kind of didn't either.  Sunshine was the one who hit upon the idea."
[11:38 PM] Xho: Ulisse: Does she know?
[11:39 PM] Pharolvir: ((...I thought Sunshine was in here with us.))
[11:39 PM] Xho: She is.
[11:40 PM] Pharolvir: "'s"
[11:42 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... know what?
[11:43 PM] Pharolvir: "...that's for Ulisse to decide if you need to know."
[11:47 PM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I have a lot of baggage. ... significant baggage. I'm not even sure where I would start.
[11:47 PM] Pharolvir: "...I mean...we all kind of have baggage, don't we?"
[11:49 PM] Xho: Ulisse: ... usually not the kind that becomes homicidal when thwarted, but.
[11:49 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... is it an ex-lover, or... is it something I can help with?
[11:51 PM] Xho: Ulisse eyes her curiously. She instinctively turns her bad side away a little bit.
[11:52 PM] Xho: Ulisse: ... no, not really. Essentially, my family is... difficult to manage, and in my efforts to subvert their wishes I have trapped myself in a bizarre game of playacting that has made my actual life... also difficult to manage.
[11:53 PM] Pharolvir: "..........................that's....kind of all of us too, isn't it?"
[11:54 PM] Pharolvir: "Unless Sunshine's got a really happy relationship with her family...which judging by your sister...seems unlikely to me."
[11:55 PM] Xho: Sunshine shakes her head. "Not really. ... do they know... no, it can't just be liking men. That seems normal here, yes?"
[11:56 PM] Xho: Ulisse: Very normal. No, it has more to do with money. ... I'm a thief. I steal large quantities of money from my family and give it to people I feel deserve it more. And I really hope you're not going to divulge that to anyone.
[11:59 PM] Xho: Sunshine: ... who do you think deserves it more?
June 15, 2020
[12:02 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Frankly, practically anyone, but I specifically funnel most of it through various fronts and shell companies into a wide variety of generally small, local charities. Unwanted children primarily, but also one soup kitchen, a shelter for battered spouses and one animal shelter. ... I didn't really want to get into that one but they shoved a kitten at me.
[12:03 AM] Pharolvir: "Oh!  That reminds me.  I may know of an orphanage that could use some more money to feed the children."
[12:03 AM] Pharolvir: "It's where Qiva left the children we saved."
[12:03 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Which one?
[12:04 AM] Pharolvir: gives the name of it.  Cause he remembers, even if his player does not.
[12:05 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Ah, St. Cuthbert's. They're already on my list; I'll see what I can do.
[12:05 AM] Pharolvir: hugs him
[12:06 AM] Pharolvir: "You're such a good man."
[12:08 AM] Xho: Ulisse smiles a little bit. "I'm not sure I'd go that far."
[12:09 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I would. It seems like a worthy endeavor. How does that involve playacting?
[12:10 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I steal it by pretending to use it on drugs and ahh, loose living, I suppose you might say.
[12:11 AM] Xho: He turns his attention to Pharolvir for a moment. "... I had meant to ask you how you wanted me to handle... that."
[12:11 AM] Pharolvir: "...handle what?"
[12:13 AM] Xho: Ulisse: I gather people are already looking for me. And they are going to notice if I turn up completely sober, without three or four random people on my arms in one of the less savory bars in the city.
[12:14 AM] Pharolvir: "...I see.  ...what if we covered you in alcohol and dumped you in an alley for you to be seen climbing out of?"
[12:14 AM] Xho: Ulisse: That would work for one night.
[12:14 AM] Pharolvir: "Could you fake a hangover from a three-day long bender?"
[12:16 AM] Pharolvir: "...and then fake being on a bender for...ever?"
[12:16 AM] Xho: Ulisse sighs. "No."
[12:16 AM] Pharolvir: "...I am seeing the cracks in this plan."
[12:17 AM] Pharolvir: "You've tried to go sober before.  What'd you do those times?"(edited)
[12:17 AM] Xho: Ulisse: I came back when it didn't work and resumed my ... "normal" life.
[12:18 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I thought you said you pretended to use it on drugs?
[12:18 AM] Pharolvir: " was a really good performance."
[12:19 AM] Xho: Ulisse: I was stupid enough to actually use absentia, thinking one time wouldn't do any harm. ... I was wrong, and up until three days ago I really was very, very dependent.
[12:20 AM] Pharolvir: "Tython and I managed a chemical compound to help purge it from his system."
[12:22 AM] Xho: Sunshine: That's very impressive. It isn't... popular, in the Underdark, but I have seen its effects.
[12:23 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Best to avoid it, believe me. But that's beside the point at the moment. What should I do?
[12:24 AM] Pharolvir: ""
[12:25 AM] Pharolvir: "We need a cover story that will explain your absence.  Allow you to be sober.  But also not ruin your cover story for the money being diverted towards your charities."
[12:27 AM] Pharolvir: "...a fake kidnapping seems the most obvious solution to the first problem, but creates bigger issues going forward."
[12:27 AM] Pharolvir: "Have you gotten any ideas in the downtime?"
[12:29 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... no, but I would prefer something that doesn't involve me fucking two or three random people a night anymore.
[12:30 AM] Pharolvir: "...........I have a really, REALLY bad idea."
[12:31 AM] Xho: Sunshine is clearly a little surprised by what Ulisse just said, but doesn't interrupt.
[12:31 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Oh?
[12:31 AM] Pharolvir: "...what about pretending to fuck one person a night?"
[12:31 AM] Pharolvir: "...what are marriage contract laws like on the surface world?"
[12:32 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... contract laws?
[12:32 AM] Pharolvir: "How many married partners is one person allowed?  And what is the hierarchy there?"
[12:37 AM] Xho: Ulisse: A priest from Solitaire probably wouldn't have an upper limit, and that's legally binding here now. And there is no hierarchy.
[12:38 AM] Pharolvir: ", if you married me, I could still marry Sunshine?"
[12:38 AM] Xho: Ulisse: We'd.... have to all be married to each other for that to work.
[12:39 AM] Pharolvir: "............I mean........."
[12:39 AM] Pharolvir: "...that seems...doable?"
[12:40 AM] Xho: Ulisse: I'm not sure you realize what you're getting into.
[12:40 AM] Xho: Sunshine: He still hasn't seen... what I look like.
[12:40 AM] Pharolvir: "This is admittedly much faster than I first wanted, but eloping could explain your disappearance, motivate your sobriety, and would be a potential cover for your money funneling."
[12:41 AM] Xho: Ulisse: I don't care what you look like.
[12:42 AM] Xho: She winces a little bit; Ulisse softens. "... what I mean is, generally speaking I'm more attracted to what's in people's heads rather than what said people look like. ... I'm a shapeshifter, it's all very superficial to me."
[12:45 AM] Pharolvir: "...people up here seem to be generally less concerned with appearance."
[12:46 AM] Xho: Ulisse: And that's how I can tell you haven't met my family yet.
[12:47 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... your plan could work, but it would... have very long-term effects on both of your lives. Not all of them good ones.
[12:47 AM] Pharolvir: "Hence why I said it was a bad idea."
[12:47 AM] Pharolvir: "...but I'm also not having a lot of other ones."
[12:48 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... are you a changeling, then?
[12:49 AM] Pharolvir: "..................."
[12:49 AM] Xho: Ulisse sighs and rubs his forehead. "No. No, I'm a demon. Half."
[12:49 AM] Pharolvir: " remember how your diviner thought I was captured by demons?"
[12:51 AM] Pharolvir: "...maybe you both need time to get to know each other.  ...and maybe I need some time to think."
[12:51 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Oh. ... my family has some planar ancestry as well; it isn't that uncommon.
[12:53 AM] Pharolvir: "...I think I am gonna retreat to my room.  You two...should talk.  I think you'll find more things in common."
[12:53 AM] Pharolvir: ((Which is code for, I may go to bed and don't think I have more.))
[12:55 AM] Xho: ((Fair enough!))
[12:55 AM] Pharolvir: ((I'm sorry.))
[12:55 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... are they also sex demons?
[12:55 AM] Xho: ((Nope, that's fine!))
[12:56 AM] Xho: Sunshine shakes her head. "... she was a lillend. I still have..."
[12:57 AM] Xho: She pauses, and puts a hand into her hair, tugging at something, and then holds her hand out to show a little white bit of fluff. Ulisse peers at it.
[12:57 AM] Pharolvir: smiles
[12:57 AM] Pharolvir: will slip out and go to his room to plan.
[12:57 AM] Xho: ((Sounds good!))
[12:59 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... these grow in your hair?
[12:59 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I pluck them out every day.
[12:59 AM] Xho: Ulisse: Why?
[1:00 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... my hair would be full of feathers, otherwise.
[1:01 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I must be missing the part where that would be a bad thing.
[1:01 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I suppose no one would care, here.
[1:06 AM] Xho: Ulisse: No. And Pharolvir certainly doesn't.
[1:09 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... he really cares for you. You can see it on his face when he looks at you.
[1:12 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I'm not so sure that's a good thing.
[1:13 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... it's better than the alternative.
[1:16 AM] Xho: Ulisse: For me. I'm not so sure it is for him.
[1:16 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I might be able to help. With the money, I mean.
[1:17 AM] Xho: Ulisse eyes her. "How so?"
[1:18 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I was the only person alive after we took down the elder brain. ... everything they had belongs to me now. I invested it, but... there is income from that.
[1:21 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... that would make us less dependent on my odious family.
[1:22 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods.
[1:22 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... and you'd be willing to just give it away?
[1:23 AM] Xho: Sunshine: If Pharolvir doesn't mind. I can't easily travel anymore, and it's hard to... do a lot of things, now. I'd rather give it to someone who needs it than just... sit on it like a dragon.
[1:24 AM] Xho: Ulisse: ... I can see why he likes you. And I think I am beginning to like you too.

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