XhoToday at 12:46 AM

Ylyndar: I see Ulisse's still hanging around.

Ann NesiaToday at 12:48 AM

yeah, mainly he stays with Pharolvir I havent actually talked to him that much

XhoToday at 12:50 AM

Ylyndar shakes his head. "I did try to warn him. But I stopped by to see you, not to talk about him."

[12:54 AM]

You and he turn up on the street outside one of the inn's entrances; a bustling downtown area. There are a lot of people selling various things, and plenty to look at.

[12:54 AM]

Ylyndar: How do you feel about the city?

Ann NesiaToday at 12:56 AM

I do like what I have seen of it I dont really have anything to compare it to though

XhoToday at 12:58 AM

Ylyndar: It can be a lot, if you're not used to it. But there are a lot of things to see, to do, to experience. And the sad thing is, many people who live here never do see it, do it or experience it.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:04 AM

that is sad,if someone wanted to though would you have any advice on where to start?

[1:05 AM]

looks around the area looking at who seems to be just enjoying the city and who is just doing a point a to point b routine

XhoToday at 1:07 AM

Ylyndar: It depends on what you're most interested in. There's music, zoos, caves, theaters, sports, every sort of entertainment imaginable. There are temples of every kind, nature preserves, bars where you can just throw handaxes at fragile objects. The city is wide, and most people never even look at it.

[1:07 AM]

The vast majority are on their way somewhere.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:11 AM

So keep trying to find something to do or a new experience and try not to fall into a rut?

XhoToday at 1:11 AM

Ylyndar: Try to find something you enjoy, and when you do, be in the moment. Savor that experience, learn what you love about it and find something to love in your other experiences.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:14 AM

I think I have been too focused on whatever goal I set for myself or worried about what my past self would think about my choices

XhoToday at 1:16 AM

Ylyndar: And Taggett is trying to help with that, right?

Ann NesiaToday at 1:17 AM

Yeah though after last night I am not sure if it matters to me as much

[1:18 AM]

Maybe I should try and enjoy what I have and discover who I am now not who I was

XhoToday at 1:21 AM

Ylyndar: It's up to you. But people change naturally all the time; it might be that losing your past is a blessing. It might not. Either way, you need to learn who you are and what you want.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:26 AM

Again you make difficult  things sound very simple

XhoToday at 1:26 AM

Ylyndar: Maybe it isn't that difficult, if you take it one moment at a time.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:27 AM

Is that how you do it?

XhoToday at 1:28 AM

Ylyndar: As much as I can. It's not always easy, but... sometimes moments are clearly meant to be enjoyed.

[1:28 AM]

He pauses and kisses Ann a bit, right there on the sidewalk.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:28 AM

is a little bit shocked but kisses him back(edited)

XhoToday at 1:30 AM

The crowd parts around you, some looking amused, a few annoyed, most not really paying attention.

XhoToday at 1:38 AM

He does stop eventually, smiling. "A very nice moment."

[1:43 AM]

He takes Ann's arm again, gently, and makes to keep walking.

Ann NesiaToday at 1:44 AM

keeps walking with him “Indeed” 

XhoToday at 1:44 AM

Ylyndar: What do you think you want out of life?

Ann NesiaToday at 1:54 AM

I am not sure things keep changing, but I think I want to help others to aid and protect at least that seems to be what I have ended up doing recently.  But more to the point I think I want I want equal trust with someone.

XhoToday at 1:57 AM

Ylyndar: A friend, a partner or a romantic partner?

Ann NesiaToday at 2:03 AM

Any of the three though I guess leaning towards the third

[2:03 AM]

And what do you think you want out of life?

XhoToday at 2:05 AM

Ylyndar: I want to live it. I want to experience joy in every moment when I can, and if not that, experience every moment. And I have a divine calling to do just that.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:07 AM

Seems like an excitingly vibrant way to live

[2:08 AM]

will initiate the kiss this time

XhoToday at 2:08 AM

Ylyndar kisses her back, a nice, long, lingering kiss. The crowd parts again; most people don't even really notice.

[2:15 AM]

Eventually he does draw away again, and keeps walking with Ann. "I am called by a goddess to do so. It's not always easy."

Ann NesiaToday at 2:16 AM

No things that are worth doing don’t seem to be easy

XhoToday at 2:19 AM

Ylyndar: Sometimes I still catch myself being very... uptight. And it's been a stressful few weeks. I've never opened a business before, if it hadn't been for my brothers I think I'd've driven myself mad.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:22 AM

I can’t imagine how hard opening a business would be I am glad you have your brothers to help you.  I am surprised at how well you all get along with how different you all are

XhoToday at 2:25 AM

Ylyndar: We all have running arguments with each other. It's mostly Verandis who keeps us from literal fights.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:32 AM

It seems to work

[2:32 AM]

I am glad to finally get to meet you I feel our first meeting wasn’t a good moment for either of us.

XhoToday at 2:35 AM

Ylyndar sighs. "Probably not, no. I haven't always been good at joy. I have to work at it too. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the past, in the bad moments."

Ann NesiaToday at 2:36 AM

At least you try as you said so many people don’t

XhoToday at 2:38 AM

Ylyndar: Ulisse in particular... is difficult for me. We were extremely close once, best friends. We were closer than I am to most of my brothers, even. Then he.... turned into a stranger. It seemed very sudden.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:40 AM

I am sorry I can’t imagine how much that must have hurt

XhoToday at 2:43 AM

Ylyndar: Watching someone you care about start drinking, drugging themselves into oblivion, just... turning things that can be positive, good experiences into elaborate self-destructive flameouts... it's awful. I hope you never experience that.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:48 AM

Well Pharolvir appreciates you letting him stay at the inn I am sure.  I also hope I don’t experience that  but one of the things I have learned in the past couple weeks is the unexpected will happen good or bad you just have to get through the bad as well as you can and enjoy the good

XhoToday at 2:49 AM

Ylyndar: That is entirely true.

XhoToday at 2:50 AM

It did. Their walk probably stopped whenever Ann expressed interest in a location or an event or whatever going on nearby. Maybe they went to the zoo, I don't know. 

Ann NesiaToday at 2:51 AM

Zoo sounds good

XhoToday at 2:52 AM

And he'd've invited her up again afterward.

Ann NesiaToday at 2:53 AM

She would accept

XhoToday at 2:56 AM

Little bit more intense this time, I'd say.

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