[12:02 AM] Xho: Sunshine does turn up the next day, as promised. This time she's wearing a pair of dark violet pants and a matching coat; it's not Underdark style, but the colors are pretty consistent with what a woman there would wear, largely unornamented, of good quality and high-necked. No cloak or hood this time, but her hair is still firmly down over one side of her face, drawn back on the other, and she's still pretty dependent on the staff. She has a little gold ear cuff on the visible ear, still very plain.
[12:03 AM] Pharolvir: "Hi!"
[12:03 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Good morning. I hope it isn't too early.
[12:03 AM] Xho: She smiles a bit.
[12:04 AM] Pharolvir: is not fully dressed or made up and does seem...a touch uncomfortable.  But is trying to hide it.  "No.  This is good.  Um...we can talk in my room, if that's ok."
[12:05 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... are you sure? I can wait if you want. I brought a book.
[12:05 AM] Pharolvir: "...can you give me like...a half hour, roughly?   I...would like to be dressed, I think.  But then we should talk."(edited)
[12:07 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Of course. I ought to have suggested a specific time last night. I'm perfectly content to sit and read. ... may I use your kitchen? I could make tea.
[12:07 AM] Pharolvir: "Sure, go ahead.  I'll be right back."
[12:07 AM] Pharolvir: goes to change.
[12:07 AM] Xho: She nods.
[12:08 AM] Pharolvir: returns a while later.  Piercing are put back in, make-up is done, a tight, gaudy attire chosen.  "Ok...let's try again.  Good morning."
[12:09 AM] Xho: She's made a fresh pot of tea and cleaned and dried any dishes that were in the sink.
[12:10 AM] Xho: She stands up, smiling again. "Good morning. I did make tea, if you'd like some."
[12:10 AM] Xho: (Needless to say, Drow ladies especially don't do that kind of work normally.)
[12:11 AM] Pharolvir: "...I've never met a Drow lady who knew how to make tea."
[12:11 AM] Pharolvir: "My father was the one who taught me."
[12:12 AM] Xho: Sunshine: My father taught me too. It's easier just to get it yourself sometimes, though. ... and the healers said I should work on the... small motor skills? so I don't stiffen up.
[12:13 AM] Pharolvir: nods.  "That sounds wise.  I'm not much of a doctor though."
[12:13 AM] Pharolvir: "...I...I have some things I want to say."
[12:14 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods. "Here, or in your room?"
[12:14 AM] Pharolvir: "Here's probably fine.  Ann seems to have spent the night elsewhere and the others are only ever here sporadically."
[12:15 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods, and sits back down.
[12:15 AM] Pharolvir: "'s just...some of it is hard to say.  So, bear with me please."
[12:16 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Take the time you want. ... I don't want you to be uncomfortable. Or unhappy.
[12:16 AM] Pharolvir: smiles but seems a bit pained, as well.
[12:16 AM] Pharolvir: "...I was not captured or kidnapped, as I am sure you've figured out by now."
[12:17 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods, listening.
[12:17 AM] Pharolvir: ((Sorry, gotta get Gizmo.  Brb))
[12:19 AM] Pharolvir: "...when I left, initially...I was fleeing your sister.  Your sister...scared me.  A lot.  Marrying her was the scariest thing in the world to me and I just...couldn't do it.  So I ran.  I left no note, I abandoned my things.  I just...I..."
[12:19 AM] Xho: nods.
[12:20 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods, rather.
[12:20 AM] Xho: Sunshine: That was very sensible.

[12:20 AM] Pharolvir: chuckles.  "I doubt that everyone would see it that way."(edited)
[12:21 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I have probably spent even more time running away from her than you have, so I feel anyone who does not see it that way is quite wrong.
[12:23 AM] Pharolvir: "...thank you.  ...but since I've run...a lot has happened.  I now realize...I didn't just need to run from her.  I...Sunshine...I don't want to go back.  That's the one thing I know for certain.  Even if it's with you instead.  Even if we never have to see my family again, or how nice you would almost certainly treat me, or how wonderful a family we could make...this place is where I could finally be me.  And I know, if I went back...I'd never really be me again."
[12:24 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... really? You don't want to go back? At all?
[12:24 AM] Pharolvir: "...not at all."
[12:24 AM] Pharolvir: "...I'm sorry."
[12:25 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Good. I like it here too. There are so many people. And there's light everywhere.
[12:26 AM] Pharolvir: "  You do? long have you been up here looking for me?"
[12:27 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Just a few days.
[12:28 AM] Xho: Sunshine: But hardly anyone stares, or talks. They're all just... busy doing things. And one day it rained.
[12:28 AM] Pharolvir: "I know!  Rain!  It feels amazing!"
[12:29 AM] Pharolvir: "And there is no pressure, at all!  You're just...a person!"
[12:29 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Have you noticed the smell of it? The rain, I mean.
[12:30 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Yes. I'd thought perhaps you'd consent to a summer home here, and then we could go back to the Underdark during the cold months, but if you don't want to go back we needn't.
[12:31 AM] Pharolvir: "A sort of Persephone situation?  Seems unnecessary now.  I have no interest in that pomegranate."
[12:32 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I didn't exactly fit there. And it's worse now. Everyone suddenly being kind to me, when they would have crossed the street to avoid me before.
[12:32 AM] Pharolvir: "Can't say I can relate to that part."
[12:32 AM] Pharolvir: "I am glad you're not here to drag me back, though."
[12:33 AM] Xho: Sunshine: No one could drag you anywhere you didn't want to go, Pharolvir.
[12:33 AM] Pharolvir: "...I think we established yesterday I am not particularly strong."
[12:34 AM] Xho: Sunshine: There are a lot of ways to be strong. Muscles are only one of them, and not the most important.
[12:35 AM] Pharolvir: ".....I think you overestimate my other strengths somewhat.  The right words from my mother could leave me just...weeping."
[12:35 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Parents are terrifying. They know all your weak points and have no qualms using them.
[12:36 AM] Pharolvir: nods.
[12:36 AM] Pharolvir: "...there is...another complication...I hesitated to bring it up."
[12:36 AM] Xho: Sunshine: What is it?
[12:37 AM] Pharolvir: "...I...may have met someone...maybe.  I don't know.  We're not...together.  They want to be but...I don't know how I feel about it, really."
[12:38 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... oh. ... but you aren't sure?
[12:39 AM] Pharolvir: " would be...complicated."
[12:40 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... is there anything I can do to help?
[12:41 AM] Pharolvir: "I sincerely doubt it.  It's my feelings.  I need to sort them out.  I just...didn't want to toy with you.  There is someone else and until I know what they mean to me and vice versa...I don't think I can ethically be open to you."
[12:42 AM] Pharolvir: "But I do hope you will stay around.  You're right, the above world much opportunity.  And I think we could still get along famously."
[12:42 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... there are ways around that too, you know.
[12:43 AM] Pharolvir: looks confused.

[12:43 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... people do take lovers, you know.
[12:44 AM] Pharolvir: "...women do.  I'm not sure if men could get away with that."
[12:45 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Here? There's hardly a difference between the two. I saw two men get married in the gardens yesterday.
[12:46 AM] Pharolvir: blushes a bit.  "...there...does seem to be truth to that."
[12:47 AM] Xho: Sunshine: They have a funny ceremony here. No one kneels, and they exchange rings.
[12:48 AM] Pharolvir: "...I think I'd like rings.  That's a very strong symbol."
[12:49 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I would have to wear it on the wrong hand.
[12:50 AM] Pharolvir: "...well, I don't want to kneel."
[12:50 AM] Xho: Sunshine: It seems demeaning now.
[12:50 AM] Pharolvir: "It does."
[12:50 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Either both should or neither should.
[12:51 AM] Pharolvir: " still want to just...get married?"
[12:52 AM] Pharolvir: "Like...I know you think you do, but you don't...actually know me.  You don't know what living with me would really be like."
[12:53 AM] Xho: Sunshine: That's true. And you haven't seen... me, either.
[12:54 AM] Pharolvir: "No.  I haven't."
[12:54 AM] Xho: She reflexively turns her bad side away a little bit.
[12:54 AM] Pharolvir: "...that's not what I mean."
[12:55 AM] Pharolvir: "...I met you once or twice at...galas. you play spider chase?  What's your favorite book?  Why the clergy?  Why that clergy?  ...I don't care about your face, I don't actually know who you are."
[12:57 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I do play. ... I don't think I could choose a favorite book. I just read something by Nath'ra Noqu'ndar, though, I thought it was very good.
[12:57 AM] Xho: This is a fairly well-known novelist who writes literary historical romance; think like... Colleen McCullough, maybe.
[12:58 AM] Pharolvir: "...I love Noqu'ndar."
[12:58 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I can lend you the book if you want. And I didn't choose the clergy, he chose me. I don't know why.
[12:59 AM] Pharolvir: "...I don't understand that."
[1:00 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I don't either, I just knew it was true. And then I could do things.
[1:02 AM] Pharolvir: "...ok...I still feel like we should...know each other."(edited)
[1:04 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... know, or, well, know.
[1:04 AM] Pharolvir: blushes.  "I...I um...I..."
[1:04 AM] Pharolvir: ", I thought I was ready for flirting but...I am apparently that easy."
[1:05 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I wasn't flirting, I thought, well, I just wasn't sure if you meant...
[1:05 AM] Pharolvir: "I know what you thought I meant!"
[1:06 AM] Pharolvir: " we need to jump into marriage?"
[1:07 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Only I don't want to do that yet becauseI'mafraidyou'llseemeandthrowuporlaughorsomethingawfuland--
[1:08 AM] Xho: She cuts herself off and focuses on the ground.
[1:08 AM] Pharolvir: "......can I see?"
[1:09 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods. "... not here, though, I don' one else should have to see."
[1:09 AM] Pharolvir: " room?"

1:09 AM] Xho: She nods again. "Wouldn't that be scandalous at home? But no one here will care, and we'll know."
[1:10 AM] Pharolvir: blushes.  "I suppose that's true."
[1:10 AM] Xho: She stands up with the help of the staff, and limps into the bedroom.
[1:11 AM] Pharolvir: will go with her.
[1:13 AM] Xho: Sunshine sits down at the center of the edge of the bed and starts unbuttoning her jacket. "Don't worry, there's things on underneath. I expected to have to do this. Aren't the clothes here funny? People wear pants. I just had to have some, just to see."
[1:13 AM] Pharolvir: "I find the pants restrictive, personally.  Particularly in the...crotch.  It seems a terrible design to me."
[1:14 AM] Pharolvir: ((Sunshine is a cross between being super woke...and also a surface world weeaboo.  ))
[1:14 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Maybe they're better for women. It's hard for me to get them on, but they're very easy to walk in.
[1:16 AM] Xho: She pulls off her coat awkwardly--she's wearing a fairly covering undershirt underneath. Then she reaches underneath one of her arms and fiddles with something, and removes that whole arm, setting it on the bed beside her.
[1:17 AM] Xho: She pulls off the glove on her remaining arm, showing she is missing two fingers there as well.
[1:17 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I told you it was bad.
[1:18 AM] Pharolvir: "'s not good, certainly."
[1:18 AM] Xho: It's worth noting the remaining skin does have some scarring on it, more on her left side than the other. It looks like burns.
[1:19 AM] Xho: She pulls off the pants as well (shorts on underneath) and removes her left leg below the knee as well.
[1:19 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... are you sure you want to see?
[1:19 AM] Pharolvir: nods
[1:23 AM] Xho: She nods back, and pulls her hair out of the way of her face. It's just burn scars, really, nothing that's a surprise given that you've seen her shoulder and the rest of the left side of her body. She's closed her eyes and can't quite help but flinch just a little bit, shrinking down a bit on her bad side. There is one unexpected feature: her eye on the other side was entirely unharmed by the fire as far as you can tell; it's also a fine, bright ruby red. She has heterochromia, which is probably why she was named "May'afay," which means "beautiful eyes."
[1:25 AM] Pharolvir: "...your eyes are so...wonderful."
[1:27 AM] Xho: She relaxes a little bit. "Thank you. And thank you for not... ... most of my family just started crying when they saw, or just... couldn't look."
[1:28 AM] Pharolvir: "I've seen burns before.  These are worse than what I've seen, but they're hardly unique."
[1:28 AM] Pharolvir: picks up the leg and examines it.
[1:29 AM] Xho: It's a magical prosthetic, but it doesn't seem to be a very good one, designed to look more lifelike than function well. That might be a better choice for a society in which everyone wears skirts and you want to blend in.
[1:30 AM] Pharolvir: "...the mobility of this is absolute garbage.  I'd call it shoddy, but I think it's just vain.  ...I can look into building a better one.  I'm more of an alchemist than a craftsman...but I do tinker."
[1:31 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... really? It doesn't... bother you?
[1:32 AM] Pharolvir: "It does very much bother me.  We should be well beyond this sort of work.  Typical Underdark.  Care more about appearance than function."(edited)
[1:32 AM] Pharolvir: smirks
[1:33 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I mean me. My face and... the rest of me.
[1:34 AM] Pharolvir: "I've been telling you this whole time.  Your face doesn't bother me.  In some's kind of romantic.  A heroic woman who sacrificed herself for the people.  ...I seem to want me to jump right to you or turn you away, and I am not sure if I can do either."
[1:36 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I can wait if that's what you want to do, of course. ... would it help to have a second husband? Or a wife, I think they do that here.
[1:37 AM] Pharolvir: "...what if I don't want to marry anyone right now?  Regardless of what I feelings I had for...whomever?"
[1:40 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I don't mind waiting. I just meant, maybe I could meet her. Maybe she'd like me too.
[1:40 AM] Pharolvir: "...............uhhhhhhhhhhh...."
[1:40 AM] Pharolvir: " kind of...did?"

1:41 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I did?
[1:41 AM] Pharolvir: " you remember the kind of stiff looking elf in the room when you first came in?  Ulisse?"
[1:42 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Yes?
[1:42 AM] Pharolvir: "............................"
[1:42 AM] Pharolvir: "...he's not a bad kisser."
[1:42 AM] Pharolvir: blushes a bit.
[1:43 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Oh. Oh, I see. ... is it.... just men, or women too? For you.
[1:43 AM] Pharolvir: "I don't even know if it's really men at all.  It just kind of...happened.  It's only been him so far."
[1:44 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Oh. ... that would make it easier.
[1:44 AM] Pharolvir: "........I am not sure he'd appreciate being your second husband just know...with me."
[1:45 AM] Xho: Sunshine: That's what people normally do.
[1:46 AM] Pharolvir: "In the Underdark they do.  He's not a drow."
[1:46 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Right. Of course it's much harder if you're a woman.
[1:47 AM] Pharolvir: "...I feel like if this conversation is to happen, Ulisse should be present."
[1:49 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I just meant... nevermind, it doesn't matter. Of course I can talk to him too. He must be really remarkable if you like him.
[1:50 AM] Pharolvir: "...what did you mean?"
[1:50 AM] Pharolvir: "Women loving other women?"
[1:50 AM] Pharolvir: "Up here that doesn't seem any stranger than men loving men."
[1:51 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I just meant I.... found it... difficult to manage. That's all.
[1:51 AM] Xho: She doesn't quite look at him.
[1:52 AM] Pharolvir: "...I...still don't really understand.  I'm sorry."
[1:53 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I had a girlfriend for a little while, in school. That's all. It's both, for me.
[1:53 AM] Pharolvir: "Oh, I see."
[1:53 AM] Pharolvir: " least you understand this, then."
[1:54 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... I felt like I should say it, since you told me.
[1:55 AM] Pharolvir: "...when did you know?"
[1:57 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Just... always. I always knew. I wasn't going to mention it, since... well, I don't really think I want any lovers myself. So it wouldn't've really been relevant.
[1:59 AM] Pharolvir: "...I didn't know.  I don't know if I do know.  And it's...weird."
[1:59 AM] Pharolvir: "...all of this is weird."
[1:59 AM] Pharolvir: "I feel like I always knew what the conflicts would be, where I stood and why.  ...but I don't think I do."
[1:59 AM] Pharolvir: "There may not even be conflicts."
[2:00 AM] Pharolvir: "It's like...I was preparing for something my whole life...and now none of it really matters."
[2:00 AM] Xho: Sunshine: What were you preparing for?
[2:01 AM] Pharolvir: "...what my mother was preparing me for, I suppose.  Life married to a noblewoman who would take care of me."(edited)
[2:01 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... do you want to be taken care of?
[2:02 AM] Pharolvir: "  I mean...maybe in some ways.  But I want the space to be...something.  Someone more than that."

[2:03 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Good. ... there are a lot of things I can't do very easily anymore. Money won't be a problem, but...
[2:04 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I think you can do anything you set your mind to doing.
[2:04 AM] Pharolvir: "..........I hope I can."
[2:04 AM] Pharolvir: "...could I try kissing you?"
[2:05 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... really? Are you sure?
[2:06 AM] Pharolvir: "I want to compare."
[2:06 AM] Pharolvir: "...I...need to know what I am."
[2:07 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... well, no matter what else you are, you're Pharolvir and that isn't going to change. And it's a very good thing.
[2:07 AM] Pharolvir: " are extremely surface-like, you know that?"
[2:08 AM] Xho: Sunshine shrugs. "... maybe that's why Lathander chose me. So I wouldn't have to stay there."
[2:09 AM] Pharolvir: smiles.  "That'd be nice.  I'd still like to try a kiss if you're open to it."
[2:10 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Of course.
[2:10 AM] Pharolvir: leans in to kiss her.
[2:13 AM] Xho: She kisses him, gently putting her hand on the side of his head while she does. It's fairly easy to tell she's a little bit nervous, but if he lets it go on, that will go deeper and a bit less innocent and more breathless. Though she doesn't try to touch anything inappropriate either.
[2:14 AM] Pharolvir: does let it.
[2:17 AM] Xho: If he's responsive, she gets pretty passionate, in that case. Though again, careful not to touch anything illicit. And she really, really pays attention to him.
[2:18 AM] Pharolvir: will run his hand through her hair and get into it, but he does end up pulling away.
[2:18 AM] Pharolvir: "...whoa."
[2:20 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... normally when we do that I'm daydreaming and you're not actually here.
[2:21 AM] Pharolvir: " really had a crush on me, huh?"
[2:22 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... not that many boys were nice to me. Especially not the good-looking ones.
[2:22 AM] Pharolvir: "...I can say the same about the girls I knew."
[2:22 AM] Pharolvir: "...I am still not sure I can give a straight answer are...very attractive."
[2:25 AM] Xho: Sunshine: Thank you for giving me a chance, at least. You have changed, but... only in good ways, I think.
[2:26 AM] Pharolvir: "...that's encouraging."
[2:26 AM] Pharolvir: "If nothing else, I like my style a lot more.  ...partially cause it'd piss my mother off so much."
[2:28 AM] Pharolvir: "...I need to talk to Ulisse.  But...I do want to spend more time with you.  ...maybe play some Spider Chase."
[2:29 AM] Xho: Sunshine: I like it, it's so daring. She'd spit nails.
[2:29 AM] Pharolvir: smiles
[2:31 AM] Xho: Sunshine: ... he seemed nice. I hope I didn't hurt his feelings last night.
[2:31 AM] Pharolvir: "...I will talk with him."
[2:31 AM] Pharolvir: "But I do want everyone to be happy."
[2:33 AM] Xho: Sunshine nods. "Thank you, Pharolvir."
[2:34 AM] Pharolvir: "Thank you, too."

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