XhoYesterday at 8:39 PM

Okay, remind me, what was Ann going to do? It was around 3 a.m.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 8:42 PM

would clean up the bathroom then head down to the bar

XhoYesterday at 8:45 PM

It looks like it's gone to the quiet part of the night, but you do see a couple of people you know there. Taggett's playing some sort of a sad folk song you recognize as an adaptation of an elvish story--a man goes hunting in the rain, but mistakes his lover for a swan and shoots him by accident.

[8:45 PM]

Kiroth has taken up a whole table, with a briefcase and a whole bunch of papers on it, seemingly oblivious  to the fact that he's doing accounting in a bar.

[8:47 PM]

Ylyndar is actually down there too, leaning up against the wall behind the bar and just observing; Verandis is talking to him quietly, and waves at Ann.

[8:48 PM]

Wanda's actually at the bar, but sort of in a corner, positioned so that she can watch the whole room.

[8:49 PM]

And Shihan appears to be eating supper, plate perched on his knees so that he doesn't disrupt Kiroth's paperwork.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 8:50 PM

gives verandas and tagget a wave  and head over to the bar

XhoYesterday at 8:51 PM

Taggett nods and smiles, but keeps singing, of course.

[8:51 PM]

Verandis: You're up late. ... are you all right?

Ann NesiaYesterday at 8:52 PM

Been a rough night , you got a strong drink?

XhoYesterday at 8:55 PM

Verandis: Sure. Any preference?

Ann NesiaYesterday at 8:57 PM

Not really

XhoYesterday at 8:58 PM

Verandis: Sounds serious.

[8:59 PM]

He takes the little black pitcher and pours Ann a drink--looks like a couple shots of something of a deep greenish color.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:02 PM

will drink it

XhoYesterday at 9:02 PM

Verandis: Want to talk about it?

[9:03 PM]

It actually tastes pretty good, whatever it is--nothing you recognize.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:08 PM

We got a tip about slavers in the sewers so we went down found them they had a group of kids locked up . And then I tore into two of the slavers

XhoYesterday at 9:08 PM

Verandis eyes her. "... and it bothers you, hm?"

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:10 PM does...At least part of me enjoyed it and I don’t know is that me or the previous me or something else

XhoYesterday at 9:11 PM

Verandis: ... Do you think it would matter? We all get to choose who we are. In some ways, the past is just inertia.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:13 PM

What if she had a life or a family or people looking for her?

XhoYesterday at 9:15 PM

Verandis: That's a separate question, and worth considering on its own. Let's let that sit for a moment and come back to it. Did you know that I'm a pacifist?

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:16 PM


XhoYesterday at 9:20 PM

Verandis: I'm ... somewhat of a mage, I suppose you could say, though I'm not sure Tython would call it that. When you have that kind of power you can really wreak a lot of havoc without even meaning to do it. I decided to draw the line so that I could be absolutely sure that I wouldn't hurt anyone again. But everyone gets to draw their own line.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:23 PM

Can I get another shot of the green stuff?

[9:24 PM]

So I have to decide where to draw my line on how far I want to take things?

XhoYesterday at 9:24 PM

Verandis pours her another glass, and hands it to her.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:25 PM

((Is anyone seem to be paying attention to this talk?))

XhoYesterday at 9:26 PM

Ylyndar has his eyes closed; most of the others are out of probable earshot.

[9:27 PM]

Verandis: It's odd, isn't it? Suddenly the people around you seem so... fragile. Vulnerable. I don't really like that, but... it is what it is.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:32 PM

They do And tonight seemed easy enough till it happened what happens if I make the wrong call or lose control?

[9:32 PM]

How do I decide who I want to be if I am not sure I like who that seems to be or have been

[9:33 PM]

drinks this one a little slower than the first cup

XhoYesterday at 9:33 PM

Verandis: Well, you do have one advantage. You have good friends with you who can help pull you back if they need to. My brothers have done the same for me.

[9:35 PM]

Verandis: And the other good news is that you can always change who you are. Elves live a long time, for humanoids. Every day is a chance to start over, if that's what you want.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:38 PM

Fair enough

XhoYesterday at 9:38 PM

Verandis: ... and maybe it wasn't that bad that you figured out you needed to draw the line when dealing with slavers.

[9:42 PM]

Ylyndar, eyes still closed: If you apologize again, I may pour a can of tomato sauce over your head again.

[9:42 PM]

Verandis: ... you do know you're an adult now, right?

[9:43 PM]

Ylyndar: There's no sibling exemption?

[9:43 PM]

Verandis: No.

[9:43 PM]

Ylyndar: Shame.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:45 PM

That seems like an extreme response to an apology

XhoYesterday at 9:46 PM

Ylyndar: I accepted his apology years ago. Multiple times.

[9:47 PM]

Ylyndar: Sune is not big on holding grudges, and this grudge isn't even deserved.

[9:47 PM]

Verandis: In your opinion.

[9:47 PM]

Ylyndar: Yes, in the opinion that matters--the victim's. Stop beating yourself up over it.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:50 PM

I mean I kinda get that I don’t know how I would feel if it had been someone I actually care about if this is how tore up and confused I get about slavers

XhoYesterday at 9:51 PM

Verandis: It was not the best day in my life.

[9:52 PM]

Ylyndar: I came back.

[9:52 PM]

Verandis: Yes, we were lucky.

[9:53 PM]

Ylyndar: It wasn't that big of a deal.

[9:53 PM]

Verandis: You died.

[9:53 PM]

Ylyndar makes a scoffing noise. "Phshaw."

[9:53 PM]

Verandis eyes him. "... not to say that being a pacifist doesn't have its downsides."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:54 PM

I am sorry for bringing up bad memories

XhoYesterday at 9:55 PM

Verandis: It's fine, really. And he's obviously as good as new. So I suppose I was lucky too.

[9:57 PM]

Ylyndar opens his eyes and straightens up a little bit. "The important thing is to decide ahead of time how far you're prepared to go."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 9:59 PM

nods “ you make it sound simple”

XhoYesterday at 10:01 PM

Ylyndar: I suppose I do, but... it isn't. And circumstances do change. It's easier to hold to your ideals when you're not in the moment.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:02 PM

So make a decision ahead of time and be prepared to deal with the consequences when things go wrong?

XhoYesterday at 10:04 PM

Ylyndar: Make a decision ahead of time, and base it on principles that will help you hold to it when things go wrong.

[10:05 PM]

Verandis: And have people around you to help you.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:10 PM

nods “ I appreciate the advice”

XhoYesterday at 10:11 PM

Ylyndar: I personally have killed people. The first time was difficult, but... it does get easier. And I don't feel that's a good thing, so... another thing to watch.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:14 PM

As I said part of me definitely was ok with it

XhoYesterday at 10:16 PM

Ylyndar: Yes, but it's important that all of you is OK with it. I personally would regard killing slavers as a win, but... it's not the only valid solution to the issue. You could have brought them in for arrest.

[10:20 PM]

Ylyndar: I'm a priest. For me, joy is a high ideal, and frankly killing people is not a joyful activity for anyone involved, or shouldn't be.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:21 PM

That all feels accurate and I know different decisions could have been made

XhoYesterday at 10:25 PM

Ylyndar: Try not to ruminate on it too much. Consider what was done, make a decision based on your values and move on, acting on it when it comes up. Dwell on good things where you can. When was the last time you danced, or picked flowers, or enjoyed someone else's company? ... in any context, not just the bedroom. Sometimes it's hard to see, but the world can be a beautiful place.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:26 PM

... I need to do more fun activities

XhoYesterday at 10:30 PM

Ylyndar: Do you want to dance?

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:31 PM


XhoYesterday at 10:35 PM

Ylyndar smiles, comes out from behind the bar and takes Ann's hand to dance! Currently it's a bit faster of a song, for what it's worth, more of a farm jig type thing that might be halfling in origin, you think.

Ann NesiaYesterday at 10:36 PM

takes his hand and dances with Ylyndar 

XhoYesterday at 10:38 PM

He's actually really good at it, but also careful to let Ann keep up without any difficulty. She doesn't really recognize most of the steps, but it's simple enough to pick up easily.

[10:40 PM]

A few other couples come out to dance as well, so they're not the only ones, and Taggett obliges with some more dance-friendly tunes on a viol or a lute, whichever the piece seems to call for.

XhoYesterday at 10:55 PM

After a few dances, Ylyndar actually does lean over and say "Do you want to keep dancing, or would you like to go upstairs? No strings attached, just... a good time."

Ann NesiaYesterday at 11:40 PM

goes up with Ylyndar 

XhoYesterday at 11:46 PM

We'll definitely do a tasteful fade to black there. I'll just note he's good at it and, contrary to the opinion you guys might all have initially formed of him given the circumstances, he's actually a pretty warm, generous person.

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