The nation east of Meneluinin and south of Lake Ure'linae, Isanya is known for its merchant ships and its trade with other nations, which its advantageous position at the edge of three other nations enables it to exploit.

In Isanya, wealth is king, and whoever has the most money rules the government, a sort of plutocracy.


Oonseentia: The largest city in Isanya and famously corrupt, Oonseentia has a phenomenal crime rate, spurred on by bribery and blackmail. It's a shipping hub and a trading hub, and people of every imaginable race live there in relative peace, though poverty and great wealth coexist sometimes within the same block.

Customs and CharacterEdit

A hilly, forested nation, Isanya has great mineral wealth, with silver, gold and copper deposits in many locations. Mining is a principle occupation, and though miners aren't technically slaves they live in great poverty and are often indebted to their employers through a series of schemes and scams. In this way they are more enslaved than Tarkishian slaves.

Isanyans are known for being cutthroat business people, regardless of what race they happen to be, and while they can be horribly cruel, others are just as inexplicably generous, gifting large sums of money to the arts, the sciences and religion, sometimes for tax purposes but other times out of genuine kindness.

For many Isanyans, money is merely a way of keeping score.

The PeopleEdit

Nearly every kind of race can be found in Isanya, from gnomes and halflings to orcs and changelings. Racism is almost unheard-of, because one's monetary worth determines one's social worth. As such, goblins, kobolds and orcs are on equal footing as humans and others.

Most Isanyans speak Common, as it's the major trading language, but nearly every other language can also be heard on the streets, making translation a lucrative trade indeed.

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