[2/19/2013 11:31:01 PM] Snow: The first one you check is a combination bedroom-library, with books on magical theory lining the walls. Old wood, very sumptuous, and blue and black decor.
[2/19/2013 11:31:19 PM] Caspar: Caspar will take it!
[2/19/2013 11:31:33 PM] Caspar: He's not terribly picky.
[2/19/2013 11:31:34 PM] Snow: Smart. There's a fireplace, too, and plenty of wood to burn.
[2/19/2013 11:34:31 PM] Snow: It's a nice room, in other words. No sign of supernatural stuff anywhere.
[2/19/2013 11:35:03 PM] Caspar: Woot!  Score.
[2/19/2013 11:35:45 PM] Snow: Of course, it's midday.
[2/19/2013 11:35:51 PM] Snow: Midnight might be a different story.
[2/19/2013 11:38:49 PM] Snow: It's quite clean. Someone probably used spells to do it.
[2/19/2013 11:39:15 PM] Caspar: No bloody murder weapons or anything?
[2/19/2013 11:39:35 PM] Snow: None that you see immediately.
[2/19/2013 11:39:38 PM] Snow: Roll Notice.
[2/19/2013 11:40:48 PM] Snow: You hear something coming from an adjoining room. It's worth noting the adjoining door *does* have a lock on it, and it looks like a good one.
[2/19/2013 11:41:13 PM] Caspar: Caspar goes over there and unlocks it!
[2/19/2013 11:42:25 PM] Snow: You unlock the door; the adjoining room appears to be a bathroom. A MEGA bathroom. There's a shower and a massive bath that could also be called a small pool, some sort of heat lamp thing...
[2/19/2013 11:43:57 PM] Caspar: Swanky!
[2/19/2013 11:45:52 PM] Snow: ... and there's also someone there.
[2/19/2013 11:45:59 PM] Caspar: ...hello?
[2/19/2013 11:46:23 PM] Snow: A vaguely female shape gives a little scream and turns around.
[2/19/2013 11:48:14 PM] Caspar: Who are you?
[2/19/2013 11:48:29 PM] Snow: Girl: Who are *you*!
[2/19/2013 11:48:41 PM] Snow: She clutches a robe to her chest. Which is odd, as she's fully clothed.
[2/19/2013 11:48:55 PM] Caspar: I've been hired by the owner of this place.  She told me to choose a room, and I picked this one.
[2/19/2013 11:50:34 PM] Snow: Girl: Oh! ... oh, well, that's fine. I suppose.
[2/19/2013 11:51:28 PM] Caspar: Who are you?
[2/19/2013 11:51:56 PM] Snow: She's got dark reddish hair, elfy ears, and blueish-gray eyes.

[2/19/2013 11:52:48 PM] Snow: Karid runs into a lovely blue-furnished bedroom with lots of books, and then into a sumptuous bathroom.
[2/19/2013 11:53:06 PM] Snow: There he finds Caspar and an elven girl with dark auburn hair and blueish-grey eyes.
[2/19/2013 11:54:22 PM] Karid: ...perhaps the scream was not what I thought it was
[2/19/2013 11:54:24 PM] Snow: She's wearing a plain, rather shabby black dress, and she's clutching a terrycloth robe to her chest. Even though she's clothed.
[2/19/2013 11:54:25 PM] Karid: I will be going now
[2/19/2013 11:54:30 PM] Snow: Girl: No, wait!
[2/19/2013 11:54:46 PM] Snow: Girl: Who are you? When did you get here?
[2/19/2013 11:55:30 PM] Karid: Hrm? We got here today.
[2/19/2013 11:55:44 PM] Karid: We were asked to explore the house.
[2/19/2013 11:55:55 PM] Karid: Are you alright?
[2/19/2013 11:56:04 PM] Karid: ...he is not hurting you, is he?
[2/19/2013 11:56:13 PM] Caspar: Caspar stares at Karid.
[2/19/2013 11:56:20 PM] Snow: Girl: Oh no, not at all. Of course not.
[2/19/2013 11:56:25 PM] Caspar: Of course not.  She was locked in the bathroom.
[2/19/2013 11:56:36 PM] Snow: Girl: He just... I came around the corner and... well. It was a surprise, that's all.
[2/19/2013 11:56:58 PM] Karid: ...and you -broke the door of a locked bathroom-?
[2/19/2013 11:57:01 PM] Karid: Have you no shame?
[2/19/2013 11:57:16 PM] Snow: Girl: Oh but it wasn't like that at all.
[2/19/2013 11:57:33 PM] Caspar: No, I *unlocked* it.
[2/19/2013 11:57:33 PM] Snow: Girl: You see the bathroom is *between* these two rooms. It locks from the other side.
[2/19/2013 11:57:44 PM] Karid: ...oh
[2/19/2013 11:57:48 PM] Karid: Apologies, then
[2/19/2013 11:57:49 PM] Snow: Girl: Well, it locks from either side, really, but you didn't know that.
[2/19/2013 11:58:04 PM] Snow: Girl: And I didn't think to lock it from this side because I didn't know you were here.
[2/19/2013 11:58:16 PM] Caspar: Who are you?
[2/19/2013 11:58:47 PM] Snow: Girl: I'm Serafina, of course. Who are you?
[2/19/2013 11:59:23 PM] Caspar: I'm Caspar.
[12:00:01 AM] Karid: I am Karid, a cleric of Jaer
[12:00:21 AM] Karid: We were told nobody lived here though
[12:00:25 AM] Karid: ...except ghosts.
[12:00:29 AM] Karid: Are you a ghost?
[12:00:32 AM] Snow: Girl: Oh! Are you a cousin?
[12:00:39 AM] Snow: Girl: A ghost! Me?
[12:00:41 AM] Snow: She laughs.
[12:00:57 AM] Karid: It does not hurt to make sure.
[12:01:04 AM] Caspar: What year is it?
[12:01:30 AM] Snow: Girl: It's 2013 AI.
[12:01:37 AM] Snow: (After the Invasion.)
[12:01:42 AM] Caspar: ((What year is it?))
[12:02:41 AM] Snow: 2013, AI.
[12:02:55 AM] Karid: (( Rolled SM ))
[12:03:13 AM] Snow: She thinks you're crazy for asking.
[12:03:38 AM] Caspar: We just had to be sure.  We were told there were weird temporal things going on here.
[12:04:08 AM] Snow: Serafina: Not on *this* side of the house! This is the *east* wing. It's quite safe.
[12:04:27 AM] Snow: Serafina: The water's back on and everything, although I haven't worked out the candles yet.
[12:04:43 AM] Karid: You are the maid?
[12:05:21 AM] Snow: Serafina laughs. "Of course not! I live here."
[12:05:51 AM] Karid: ...does anyone else?
[12:06:29 AM] Snow: Serafina: ... well, I'm not sure, really. I suppose there must be mice and things like that. All houses have those, don't they? And bats, maybe. Oh I hope there aren't bats.
[12:06:43 AM] Karid: you are alone.
[12:06:50 AM] Karid: I am sorry for your loss.
[12:06:52 AM] Karid: Karid bows his head
[12:07:06 AM] Snow: Serafina: ... loss?
[12:07:09 AM] Snow: She's baffled.
[12:07:15 AM] Karid: ...your husband?
[12:07:35 AM] Karid: Karid is equally baffled!
[12:07:54 AM] Caspar: Where do you come from, Karid?
[12:08:26 AM] Snow: Serafina: ... why, what husband?
[12:08:40 AM] Snow: She tilts her head on one side and looks at him.
[12:08:46 AM] Karid: (( Hrm...could I say he's from some weird Rafangian League place? ))
[12:08:55 AM] Karid: (( Instead of some weird religious sect? ))
[12:09:00 AM] Snow: Sure!
[12:09:04 AM] Snow: Far, far to the east.
[12:09:22 AM] Karid: ...I figured a woman your age living alone would be a widow.
[12:09:36 AM] Snow: Serafina: My age?
[12:09:40 AM] Caspar: ...not the way it works here, Karid.
[12:09:44 AM] Karid: Where I am from, in eastern Rafangia, you would be married by now
[12:10:09 AM] Snow: She's an adult, but a youngish one, though it's always hard to tell with elves.
[12:10:27 AM] Snow: Serafina: Are you asking me to marry you? Only we've just met, you know.
[12:10:32 AM] Karid: No!
[12:10:42 AM] Karid: I would never ask that
[12:11:02 AM] Karid: I am celibate!
[12:11:16 AM] Caspar: Caspar rubs his eyes.  Me is kinda looking forward to when Karid asks the wrong woman these questions and gets newted or something.
[12:11:37 AM] Snow: It's probably inevitable. :)
[12:11:44 AM] Snow: Serafina: Oh, I'm so sorry! That's very sad.
[12:11:51 AM] Caspar: Very sad.
[12:11:57 AM] Karid: ...why is it sad?
[12:12:11 AM] Snow: Serafina: Well, it sounds lonely to me! Doesn't it sound lonely to you?
[12:12:15 AM] Snow: She looks at Caspar appealingly.
[12:12:31 AM] Karid: I am content with it. My life belongs to Jaer.
[12:12:37 AM] Caspar: It does.  Sex is great.
[12:12:55 AM] Karid: that sort of hedonism normal here?
[12:13:04 AM] Snow: Serafina, again baffled: Hedonism?
[12:13:35 AM] Caspar: More than not.
[12:14:01 AM] Karid: Karid frowns, it's a 'what have I gotten myself into' look
[12:14:33 AM] Karid: The oppulent rooms, the casual sexuality he just mentioned...
[12:14:48 AM] Snow: Serafina: But *he* might be married, you know.
[12:14:52 AM] Karid: I am surprised the streets are not paved with gold.
[12:15:16 AM] Snow: Serafina: And I don't think it's so terribly casual, is it? I mean, it would be so awkward if you could just go up to someone on the street, a perfect stranger, and, well, *start*?
[12:15:28 AM] Snow: Serafina: I mean, it isn't very *tidy*, is it?
[12:16:09 AM] Karid: ...I think I have heard enough
[12:16:11 AM] Snow: Serafina: It would be so awkward.
[12:16:20 AM] Snow: Serafina: I don't think I'd like that at all!
[12:16:20 AM] Karid: Karid does not say this mean, just 'please stop'
[12:16:37 AM] Caspar: Terribly.  And cleaning up the paved gold streets would be inconvenient.
[12:16:39 AM] Snow: Serafina: Oh, all right. Are you staying long?
[12:16:47 AM] Caspar: Indefinitely.
[12:16:50 AM] Snow: Serafina: All that *polishing*.
[12:17:01 AM] Karid: It was a metaphor
[12:17:22 AM] Snow: Serafina: Indefinitely! Well, that's lovely!
[12:18:20 AM] Caspar: Caspar nods.  "I'll be staying in this room. here.
[12:18:32 AM] Snow: Serafina smiles. "Oh, well, I'll be more careful about the bathroom then."
[12:18:58 AM] Caspar: As will I.
[12:19:17 AM] Snow: Serafina: Isn't the house marvellous?
[12:19:18 AM] Karid: ...I will just go look for a room where the gold isn't in such amounts as to blind me
[12:19:51 AM] Caspar: What we've seen of it.
[12:20:05 AM] Snow: Serafina: ... but there's no gold in here.
[12:20:15 AM] Snow: Serafina: It's just tile. And I think the fixtures are brass.
[12:20:28 AM] Karid: ...the shininess
[12:21:01 AM] Snow: Serafina: Oh, are your eyes sensitive? Are you part Drow? I might be able to find a pair of tinted glasses for you if you'd like!
[12:21:43 AM] Caspar: ((Oooh, someone should explain Drow society to Karid.  He would implode.))
[12:21:45 AM] Karid: No. I am just not used to...this. Houses where I am from are mostly bare...
[12:21:48 AM] Karid: (( XD ))
[12:22:45 AM] Snow: Serafina: *Bare*? No carpet, or paintings, or wall-paper, or embroidered hangings, or anything? What about furniture?
[12:23:19 AM] Karid: Some furniture, but they are mostly stone. Maybe a carpet for prayer.
[12:24:01 AM] Snow: Serafina: ... but isn't it cold?
[12:24:18 AM] Karid: It is hot.
[12:24:32 AM] Karid: Your country is frigid.
[12:24:45 AM] Snow: Serafina: Well, it is *now*.
[12:24:51 AM] Snow: Serafina: It'll be quite hot in the summer.
[12:25:46 AM] Karid: I have never been somewhere so cold...
[12:25:57 AM] Karid: Karid -is- shivering a little, even inside
[12:26:39 AM] Snow: Serafina: We should make a fire, don't you think?
[12:26:50 AM] Karid: That is an excellent idea
[12:27:24 AM] Caspar: Caspar has already been working on that in his room!
[12:28:22 AM] Snow: Serafina: We could go back to the common room and sit if you'd like, it's ever so much nicer there.
[12:28:31 AM] Karid: Karid nods
[12:29:17 AM] Snow: Serafina smiles, tosses the bathrobe down and heads back to the commonroom! Go back to the main room for this bit.

[12:49:05 AM] Snow: [12:48 AM] Snow:

<<< You *think* you hear a woman crying; she sounds like she's a long way off.
[12:50:13 AM] Caspar: Caspar follows the crying!
[12:50:28 AM] Snow: You can't.
[12:50:36 AM] Snow: It's coming from the middle of the kitchen.
[12:50:40 AM] Snow: There's no one there.
[12:51:01 AM] Caspar: Caspar looks around!  "Hello?"
[12:51:17 AM] Snow: There's a little gasp, and the crying stops.
[12:51:31 AM] Snow: You feel, for some reason, like someone has just left.
[12:51:59 AM] Caspar: Huh.
[12:52:58 AM] Caspar: Anyone there?
[12:53:36 AM] Snow: Nope.
[12:53:42 AM] Snow: Of course, there wasn't before, either.
[12:54:05 AM] Caspar: ((Well, he was asking aloud.))
[12:54:18 AM] Snow: Oh! No answer.
[12:55:46 AM] Caspar: Caspar shrugs.
[12:57:37 AM] Snow: *nodnod*
[12:58:00 AM] Caspar: Caspar finishes making a sandwich.
[12:59:03 AM] Snow: LOTS of supplies, many options.
[1:00:01 AM] Caspar: Roast beef sandwich is his!
[1:00:10 AM] Snow: There's a coldbox.
[1:00:37 AM] Caspar: Caspar opens the box that is cold inside!
[1:01:32 AM] Snow: FOOOOOOD. There's the beef.
[1:01:37 AM] Snow: You make a delicious tasty sandwich.
[1:04:40 AM] Snow: What next?
[1:05:21 AM] Caspar: Probably eats it!
[1:05:40 AM | Edited 1:05:46 AM] Snow: In the kitchen?
[1:05:54 AM] Caspar: Yep!
[1:06:28 AM] Snow: *nod* Then what?
[1:07:17 AM] Caspar: He'll probably head back to the common room after that.
[1:08:55 AM] Snow: *nod* back to the other room.

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